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Utensil Review: The Bhanga Box

bhanga box

How’s it going PNW followers? Thanks for joining us again for another review. Today we have a new utensil for you all, the Bhanga Box cannabis storage box.

We are always looking for ways to take our herb along with us and not have that telltale smell give us away! So, let’s take a look at this box.

The Bhanga Box:

The Bhanga Box supposedly provides a secure, discreet solution for all your smoking needs. The sleek design has four compartments, sized specifically to hold your essentials in their own independent odor tight space.

bhanga box

They claim the compartments are specifically sized to hold rolling papers, filters, a lighter, rolled and extinguished cigarettes and fresh product. Constructed of durable plastic, the integrated hinge and secure latch combined with a gasket seal each compartment individually with a simple open and shut closure.

bhanga box

They have a couple of options available as well. The basic box is just to keep your joints or blunts and herb in a smell proof container for $17.95, and then you can get either a rolling upgrade for $27.95 or a dab upgrade for $49.99. The rolling upgrade comes with a pack of extra large papers, a mini lighter, a poker, and a grinder card inside of the box. The dab upgrade comes with a dab tool and silicone inserts to turn the slots into dab holders.

bhanga box

The dab upgrade is what they sent us for review, and sadly it’s not that easy to use for concentrates. The slots are narrow and hard to efficiently use for your dabs. The tool is also very basic and doesn’t really have an effective scooper or point for your shatters and crumbles.


Like I said above, the slots are too narrow to effectively use for your concentrates. Honestly, this just seemed like an after thought that they wanted to charge too much for.

Another flaw is the waterproof part of their claims. We tested this extensively and we got water in our box. Not a ton, but enough that it ruined our joint. I would have been a bit pissed if I would have gotten water in my dabs.

Lastly, the price. This is nothing more than an overpriced waterproof pocket tackle box. Check out this image we found of one marketed as a tackle box.

bhanga box

This looks a LOT like the Bhanga Box, is supposedly waterproof, and is only $9.99. Then add even more cost and it very quickly becomes an overpriced novelty.

There is our review of the Bhanga Box. This was a user requested review and we were hoping that it was going to past muster. Sadly, it just didnt quite stack up to our expectations and will not receive the PNWCR Badge of Approval. It comes close at 7.5/10, it just doesn’t quite live up to all of their claims.









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