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Product Review: Highgasm Personal Lubricant

Highgasm - the name is designed to invoke thoughts of getting high and having great sex..........something we can all enjoy and understand right? Today we're talking about sex and personal lubricants. This may not be suitable for all audiences, but please don't leave though, there are plenty of great reviews to

Product Review: Strong Silicone Water Bong

Strong Silicone has created the ultimate festival bong and we get to show it to you! What's goin on PNW fans, Jon here again to bring you another review of an awesome product! Today we bring you the bendable, foldable, almost unbreakable Strong Silicone Water Bong!!              

Medibles Review: Total Technique Tinctures Means Monster Cookie

Total Technique Tinctures Means Monster Cookie

Welcome back PNW fans! If you've read our reviews of Coma Treats and Grumpy Monkey's medibles already then you know how much I despise the taste of cannabis in my candy. I've said this before, but I feel that cannabis is very savory and if you’re putting it in something

Medibles Review: Grumpy Monkey’s Caramels

Thanks for joining us PNW fans, today we are bringing you a review of Grumpy Monkey's caramels!! Meet Mr. Grumpy Monkey.....the face for Grumpy Monkey's Edibles & Medibles.     This pup is an awesome little dude and the mascot for an amazing medibles company. Let's talk about the caramels they make shall

Product Review: Tommy Chong Papers by Futurola USA

What's happenin PNW followers? We have another review of some papers today, and we were happy to be able to review these. Today we bring you the Tommy Chong papers by Futurola USA to be used with the Tommy Chong roller they released a while back.     I wanted to rave about these

Dank Mail: A Review of Stoner Care Packages

Dank mail.....that name brings to mind weed wrapped in cellophane and inside tubes to mail some "bud" to some it is used to discuss the newest product in the emerging legal cannabis markets, the monthly subscription. Welcome back to the PNWCR blog readers, and thanks for all of your support

Subscription Review: Green Bake Box

Thanks for joining us again PNWCR followers for another review out of the gorgeous Pacific Northwest! Today's review is for the Green Bake Box, another monthly subscription box that has shown up on the scene of the emerging cannabis industry. These guys had some unique characteristics in terms of packaging but

Product Review: Tommy Chong Grinder by Futurola

We have been enjoying the Tommy Chong branded products out there, and today we are bringing you the Tommy Chong Exclusive 4 piece Shredder made by Futurola. Futurola has partnered with Tommy to bring us a few items including this grinder, some papers, and the Chong Roller that we reviewed previously.

Product Review: Juicy Jay’s Mango Flavored Rolling Papers

How’s it going PNW followers? We're back with another paper review, this time for the Juicy Jays "Mango" flavored papers. These are flavored hemp papers that utilize a soy ink to print the images on on the non-glue side. I was hesitant to give these a try to be honest. I'm not

Subscription Review: Hemper Box

Well, hello there PNW readers! Thanks for joining us, we appreciate all of your support and shares!! We here today with the Hemper Box. We received their August box, and we were excited to unpack this one because it is sponsored by YouTube personality, Jane Dro. She's a big name in