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Subscription Review: 420GB Partybox

Well, hello there PNW readers! Thanks for joining us for the third subscription box review in our series! 420GB sent us the July 420 Partybox, which according to their website "is a Monthly Subscription Box that ships on the 20th of each month.  This is truly a party in a box, just add your "product" and you are set!  This box will have one "main" item that sets it apart, then 420GB will fill your box with goodies to take your party to the next level.  These can be "theme' type boxes and stay true to a specific style.  This box will have a retail value of about $70 and should arrive by the 25th of each month to clear up the month end blues."

Let's see shall we? Watch the unpack video above, and then read below for some thoughts on the individual items!

The Partybox:

Like other subscriptions, this arrives in a very discreet plain box so the postman won't know what you're getting. Like the Burnbox, you get a comment card inside that details everything that comes in the box.

The card shows everything you get in the box as well as their social media handles.

Tightly packed in the box are the several items that were included in this months' box, let's break those down now!

The Contents:

The first items you see are several stickers and promotional items. I didn't include images here for those, but we got the following smalls:

  • Massroots sticker & pin
  • Token Pipe ad
  • 420GB sticker
  • Pipe Wipes x2
  • Wax/Oil silicone concentrate container
  • more stickers

There were several smalls that don't really give value to the box but are additional fun items that show that the box suppliers care.....isn't that sweet? The concentrate container and the Pipe Wipes were smalls that we will ACTUALLY use, which is a first for us coming out of these boxes.

The first item that made us go "OH!" was a grinder card. I LOVE grinder cards, and this was no exception. It's branded with B-Real from Cypress Hill's face and logo and is made from sturdy aluminum.



I collect these so I was super stoked to find one in the Partybox. This will get a lot of use as we grind on the go for the Arizer dry flower vaporizer we have.

Next we unpacked a Bong Buddy lighter leash. This is a cool little item made of silicone that has a stretchable silicone circle that you stretch over the top of your bong. Slide a lighter into the end cap and you never have to worry about losing your lighter again!

Image courtesy of

Ours is black which we prefer, and the draw cord moves smoothly and easily with no hang ups or snags. Take your hit and let go, and your lighter just chills next to your bong until the next go round.

This box is designed to cover all of your smoking bases, so it wouldn't be complete without some papers yeah? 420GB included a 6-pack of RAW cones. We're big fans of hemp papers and RAW doesn't disappoint as usual.

Image courtesy of

Just like the other boxes we've unpacked and reviewed, 420GB included some samples of hemp cord. We have a small sample of the Ital Hempwick. This small spool wraps around your lighter and gives you a way to light your bowl that doesn't have you inhaling harsh butane with your herb.

Image courtesy of

We also got a Hemplight lighter case. This case fits a Bic lighter and has a spool of hemp in the bottom of the case. The hemp feeds up the back of the lighter and sits above the flame. This is the same concept as the Ital spool, it just hides the hemp a bit better.

Image courtesy of Hemplight

One final little tool that was included was a unique debowling tool that was made specially for this box. This ended up being cut out of the video above because...well.....I was an idiot and stumbled all over myself and called it by the wrong name. It looks a bit like a multi-tool with a nice engraved design on the outside. 



This is a nice debowling tool, when you unfold it you have a 3 inch long poker and a 3 inch debowling scooper. Like I said, this is like a debowling multi-tool. Close it back up and it fits easily into our Tap Dat Ashtray for storage.

Nice roman engraved design on this multi-tool makes it stand out from the more boring sets....

Lets get down to the meat of the box now, the glass. The 420GB comes with three glass items, and we enjoyed all of them! First, we unwrapped a super tiny chillum. It was green and about as long as my middle finger, which means it can be discreet.

Super tiny and discreet, this single hitter can go anywhere and stay hidden!

Next in our adventures in bubble wrap, we find a VERY NICE stash jar! This is made from thick boro glass and has some colored nodules at the top with a silicone stopper. It seals nicely with an airtight seal that doesn't allow any smell to escape. This is made locally in Washington where the boxes are sent from, and we LOVE local!

About 3 inches long and as big around as my thumb, this makes a nice to-go stash jar and its made from durable glass!

This is a nice little curing jar for a secret stash, or a small container to take some flower with you on the go.

Finally we unwrapped the crown jewel of the box, a hefty steamroller. From the look of it, this was made by the same company as the stash jar. It's made from the same thick glass and has the same decorations on it.

This steamroller is very durable and well made. This will get some heavy use for sure!

The carb looks a little funky but who can complain when the entire piece is quality?


Let's break down the cost of the items included in the box shall we?

  • Hemplight - $5
  • RAW Cones - $2.50 each
  • Hempwick - $1 each
  • Concentrate container - $2
  • Bong Buddy lighter leash - $8
  • Grinder Card - $10
  • Single hitter - $10 on BWG site
  • Steamroller - $25 comparable one on BWG site
  • Stash jar - $20 comparable online

This makes the total value of the box about $80 with the subscription for this box only being $32 with free shipping. That means you're getting about $50 worth of free stuff. Getting a nice, high quality stash jar that matched a high quality steam roller made this one of the better subscription boxes we've reviewed so far. There are a couple more subscription option for a slightly higher cost, and I would have liked to see the Connoisseur box option to see what other items they save for their "elite" customers.

That's the 420 GB Partybox PNW followers! So far, this is the best rated subscription box we've been sent. You get a bunch of smalls that are actually useful instead of seeming like just filler, and the glass provided was the best quality glass we've unpacked so far out of these boxes. The value of the box also seems like it's worth more against what you pay for it than the others we've seen so far.

Want some nice smoking gear every month?!

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  • High quality glass
  • Worth well more than cost
  • Multiple options to choose from


  • Some duplication of items