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Product Review: 420 Kit – The Premium Pipe Care Package

Hello there PNW readers! Thanks for stopping in today, and I'm excited to show you our newest unpack and reveal video. Watch the video above to see what comes in the 420 Kit by Synche Enterprises, the same company who brought you the Tap Dat Ashtray. You can see the review of that here! So, let's talk about this useful kit shall we?

The 420 Kit:

So, what is the 420 Kit?  It's a "Premium Pipe Care Package" designed to provide you with some items that help you take care of your glass pieces. You get some cleaner, some diffusion stones, some joint lube, and some extras and it all comes in this AWESOME limited edition lunchbox style carrying case. Top this all off with a Tap Dat Ashtray of your own, and you're all set to take care of your glass.

Inside the Kit:

You've watched the video, so let's talk about the items now.

Tap Dat Ashtray - We LOVE this ashtray! We still use the one we received to test for our review of the ashtray, and honestly we haven't used another ashtray since then. It's durable, has several spots for tools, bowls, lighters, etc., and has a nice large rubber nub in the center that lets you tap your bowl clean without worrying about breaking or chipping it.

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These are valued at $19.95 for the one that is included, so that's already a third of the cost of the kit in one item! We gave this a high value rating for a reason.......Our only wish is that the one in the 420 Kit was one of the newer ashtrays with their cool colors, but black never goes out of style right?!

Rox Diffusion Stones - Included in the 420 Kit was a large set of Rox Glass Diffusion Stones along with a Rox Sox mesh bag for easy storage and cleaning.

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These glass stones are a cheap alternative to buying a new downstem or an expensive piece of glass with a built in diffusion barrel. They're easy to clean as well, just pour your bong out through the Rox Sox to catch the stones in the bag and then clean as usual.

Effin Clean Multi-Surface Cleaner - You also get a couple of pouches of Effin Clean cleaner with two of their cleaning plugs, which prevent the bubbly mix from escaping your pieces. This cleaner works differently than many others, with no caustic chemical or nasty toxic smells. It's an effervescent powder, sort of like Alka-Seltzer.

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We'll have a review of this separately coming soon, but all you do is put the powder in a container, drop in your glass and add water for a bubbly froth that is supposed to scrub your glass clean with minimal effort on your part. We'll keep you posted on that soon!

Toob Loob Glass Joint Lubricant - Finally, you also get yourself a stick of some Toob Loob. Quoted from their page, Toob Loob "gives your glass-on-glass joints some lubed-up love — Toob Loob makes pulling out easy!" ROFL, we had to share that it made us laugh so much.

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We don't have a lot of info on this product yet so we took their description for you here. According to their web page, "Use it to prevent stuck downstems and slide bowls while extending the life of your water pipe's ground joints. Just rub some Toob Loob on the male joint before inserting it into the female joint in order to create a 100% airtight seal, and re-apply in between cleanings." We'll have a review of the Toob Loob for you coming later.

What Else Comes in the Kit?

All of the items above make the kit a nice value. Between the Rox stones and the ashtray you hit the dollar mark you spent, and then you get some cleaner and joint lubricant as well to sweeten the pot. If all of that wasn't good enough, we also got a lanyard, a nice dab tool, a pack of matches that fit in the ashtray slots, and a silicone dab container to raise the value even more. All in all, this kit is definitely worth what you spend on it.


Are there any negatives to buying this kit? Well, unless you're still one of those wood pipe only people, this kit is a shoe in for your glass maintenance needs. If I HAD to pick something (which I do, nothing is perfect is it?) then I would say that the diffusion stones are a bit outdated. Many downstems that already have a built-in diffuser aren't that expensive anymore, and you may already have one because it's a common feature at this point when you buy a new bong.


Got Dirty Glass?

Grab a 420 Kit today!

420 Kit - Premium Pipe Care Package











  • Effervescent cleaner included
  • Preventative lubricant provided
  • Tap Dat Ashtray included!
  • Comes in a limited edition aluminum lunchbox!


  • Diffusion stones seem a bit outdated