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Subscription Review: 420 Goody Box

Well, hello there PNW readers! Thanks for stopping by for another of our reviews straight out of the Pacific Northwest! Today I bring you the newest trend to hit the cannabis industry, subscription boxes, and our first review is on the 420 Goody Box, not to be confused with 420GB. These services are kind of genius, for a small monthly fee they send you a box full of cannabis related goodies.

Lets take a look inside the 420 Goody Box and see if they're worth the price, shall we?

The Goodybox:

When it arrives, you receive a very discreet plain box so the postman won't know what you're getting. However, when you open it up you immediately see that it's your Goody Box and see a chance to win a "mega box", a large care package you can win just for sharing your "Goody Box" experience with the world.


Inside the box was an advertisement, or so I thought. It was actually an explanation of the contents, which I appreciated. This was the April "Vape Nation" 420 box, and it was nice to read everything that was included and who made the vape pen that was included.


The Contents:

So, what all came in the box? The first thing we noticed was the Cannabis Now magazine and portable vaporizer from Sik Labs. The vaporizer is discreet and comes with a charger and tool to help get the herb inside, and is a dry herb vaporizer instead of a wax or concentrate pen. A review for that will follow later. For now, I'll just say that it looks fairly low quality and I don't have high hopes for the vaporizer. I'll keep you posted.....


Cannabis Now is one of the leading cannabis magazines out there currently, and it was enjoyable to read. Our issue discussed edibles and other cannabis news, and seriously has me considering a subscription. We'll see though, I'm a pretty big fan of Dope Magazine.

Also inside the box was a Kasher for a Clipper lighter. This sucks for me because I'm a die hard Bic fan and won't be using this Kasher any time soon.


Sadly, the 420 Goodybox team decided to include Blanks pre-rolled joint and cigarette tubes. These were horrible. You can find out why by checking out our Blanks review.


Finally, we got a couple of packs of papers. One from Afghan Hemp (which I had never heard of), and the others were from Pure Hemp. I liked the Pure Hemp papers, even if they weren't long enough for my Chong roller. Finally, we got a couple of slaps (seen above) and an advertisement for the 420 Goody Box "Top Shelf Box" upgrade.


Let's break down the cost of the items included in the box shall we?

  • Cannabis Now magazine - 5 issues are $30, so the included issue is $6
  • Portable vaporizer from Sik Labs retails at $24.99 on their website
  • Blanks are $10.50 for 3 boxes, so this box is valued at $3.50
  • Pure Hemp and Afgan papers valued at $1 each
  • Kasher retails at $8 on their website

This makes the total value of the box $44.50 with the subscription for this box only being $19.98 + $7.95 shipping. That's a total cost of $27.93, so essentially you're getting $16.57 worth of free stuff. Although you get some free stuff, I didn't feel like everything was chosen for maximum usefulness. The papers and the Kasher for a lighter that most in the US don't use seem almost like afterthoughts instead of something we were truly expected to want/use.....

This was the first of several subscription boxes we will be reviewing, and so far we're a fan. I wish the items were a bit more focused on the theme, I mean it was a Vape Nation box but only one item was for vaping, other than that we recommend these to anyone who likes new stuff on a regular basis but doesn't really know what they want! Click the 420 image below and use code PNW at checkout for $3 off of your first box, courtesy of 420 Goody Box and PNW CannaReviews!











  • Value more than cost
  • Monthly themes
  • Multiple subscription options


  • Some items feel "low quality"