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Subscription Review: The 420 Box from Buddabox

420 Box by Buddabox

Hey there PNW fans!  We had the chance to open the 420 Box from BuddaBox!  Buddabox offers both a concentrate box and a flower themed box and this is the flower box.

The 420 Box by Buddabox:

This box came in plain brown packaging. When you open the box you see:

As you can see, this box is LIGHT! There was very little included in the box to make you want to come back for another month. I get that it’s only $20/month, but Dollar High Club is a comparable price with a much better selection.


About the only thing that I found worth it this month was the Bong Buddy and the Moose Labs mouth guard. Everything else was second rate. The cleaner previously had our badge of approval but their reformulation leaves much to be desired.

The chillum was cheap glass with a huge bowl that isn’t what we look for in a chillum at all. With crappy glass, this is a disappointing piece from Grav Labs.

Here is the unboxing video for the 420 Box by Buddabox. For being the April “420” edition it was super light and didn’t give anything of real value. Sadly this was another time where someone threw stuff together instead of actually curating the box. Due to that and the flaws this DOES NOT receive the PNWCR Badge of Approval!











  • Low Price Point


  • Very light on products
  • Not curated thoughtfully
  • Low quality products
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