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Young Patients in the Medical Cannabis Community


Today I want to address the younger patients in the medical cannabis community. We have a responsibility to not present ourselves as un-knowledgable stoners who are just smoking weed to get high. Before you make the choice to start using cannabis, I would suggest you research and learn about this wonderful plant. The reason I say this is because we need to break this “stereotype” of “young stoners” and show people we can be normal functional mature members of society while still using cannabis. The main reason they stereotype us is because they have seen so many young people abusing the medical system only to use recreationally. Those people are most of the time very un-knowledgable and a lot of them have a “give me whats going to fuck me up the most” attitude towards bud and never care to learn about it.

WE can change this stereotype. Educate yourself about cannabis if you are going to use it.


  • I use to think that all buds were the same that was until I came across your channel. I thank you for putting vids out because if you didn't I would not know about indica and sativa

  • hey josh, it's the opposite in Los Angeles. Most people who work at dispensaries here are in their twenties. Being an older person myself, when I walk in they talk to me like i know nothing about weed, or worse, they act like, what the hell is this old person doing here? Inevitably, i am made to feel like i don't belong there.

  • Ayo check out revereglass for some good videos about glassblowing.
    Has about 50 how to videos on a range of pipes and other glass pieces. 

  • I definitely feel like that out here in CA sometimes when I walk into the shop. 

  • Degenerate art on netflix 

  • Degenerate Art by Marbslinger thats the name of the movie 

  • Its not just Washington haha. I go to the dispensaries around the sacramento california area,and they do the same thing. it happens more depending on what club you go to, but its funny when im talking to my budtender, and they start trying to explain basic things to me, and my visit ends with me educating the budtender on a vast amount of info lol. Its even worse when people in these clubs never are our age, when ive personally had budtenders tell me they got the job before they even really knew much about cannabis at all. personally i think younger people like use a lot more technology and connections to gain more knowledge on cannabis then some older people (not all). its whatever when you find the people that are nice and care about what you like to smoke for your reasons just stick with them. cheers man

  • Whasup wit some dabs mayn.!

  • If you and the cam switched position the VID would look 100 times better. Always dry run your VID in a new spot to see if the lighting is bad.. cheers. Hempfest saturday?

  • Well said.. kinda. Lol. I get what you mean and it is understood. I'm 29 right now and can definitely relate some stories of my past to what you're saying. Yet those same stories may play out different at my present age.

    You know I'm smoking on some of my last harvest still. Holy Pineapples. Topped my bong load with some 73u bubble from trim off the dwc plant. Cheers bro.

  • in a few dispensaries when i visited Colorado they made me feel this way. treated me like i had no knowledge about cannabis. i use it medicinally and even though i was in a rec store i was buying it for medical reasons so them making me feel that way was a major let down. i felt more like i would be welcomed with open arms. not all places were like this. some places knew right away i knew my stuff and treated me amazing. if your ever in colorado visit fox street wellness. 

  • I just re-up'd and Im dabbing some Dream Cookie and Versace OG today. Cheers.

  • Good rant, Degenerate Art is a must see if you enjoy heady glass art. There's a new one worth checking out here: The History of Glass Alchemy

  • Degenerate art is the the slinger video on netflix

  • Good topic do need younger people to realize you are getting meds… Not the fuggin loud packs I am in Detroit mi tho…

  • I agree, respect should equal among us all at first, as a benefit of the doubt. Then be givin or taken away as earned.
    To use age as a qualifier, is unreasonably assuming the worst for all youth (or any group being marginalized), based on age. That is discrimination, and not right.  Cheers all.