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Yocan Torch + “Pandon” – (Product Review)


So I got a double review today on some interesting vape products that were sent over to me to review by Yocan! The “Pandon” is a dual atomizer, quad coiled vape pen that is quite the crazy cloud producer & the “torch” is a potable e-nail that will fit on any 14/18mm water piece!!

The “Torch gets a [6.2/7] & The Pandon gets a [4.6/7]

Torch: (
Pandon: (

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  • I'm petty sure u can un screw one of the atomizers on the pandon and just use one side. Which I think shud get a better rating on the functionality score of urs. Plus they have well functioning coil caps, which is a must for dab pens. Idk y more companies don't use them. puffco finally wised up and added one to their line along with a dab pick attached to it.

  • Lol

    Whats a good atomizer running a eleaf istick 50w

  • Is the top removable? I know on the yocan plus I can use the top on a different mod that allows me to change the wattage and have better battery life. Seems like a nice setup but don't know if it's worth upgrading if you already have the yocan plus. Good review ?? ?

  • Pause at 0:00

  • I bought the yocan evolve with a qdc and i love it highly recommend!

  • hey Josh just wanted to say keep up the good work on your videos. good job man keep it up!

  • That Yocan Torch seems like a super innovative yet simple idea

  • can you please review the omicron v4?? theres not much info about it on youtube but it appears to be a winner on reddit

  • With the pandon can u jus use one coil at a time to save battery and jus use one bowl

  • Fantastic constructive feedback. Kudos.

  • Took me a while to figure out the difference between male and female bongs ??.

  • Great advice at the end?? also love your videos keep it up cheer?

  • Basi *voice crack cally

  • lol nice squeak 8:46

  • WHUW!

  • its ee to carry aroundconswiese

  • That torch looks like a good thing Josh, thnx hope u get something deep deep inside u the way u like lol

  • Male – Female? Since when did bongs start fu#king?

  • pandon pandon pandon pandon ……..

  • sooooooo youcan torch or megatoke XL???