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XJ13 Budder Blast from Evergreen Compassionate Health Center Join Gil from WeedMaps and Alec from SC Labs as they test XJ13 Budder Blast from Evergreen Compassionate Health Center in Los Angeles, California.


  • The pick playing in the budder gave me a stoner boner.

  • That budder looks awesome

  • I love the care and quality of these videos!!!

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  • I am considering moving!

  • I am legitimately getting a hard on when those close ups are on the screen, dayum i think im inlove..

  • The best! Tryed it and its supper lemon in the mouth with a big punch to the dome

  • I have a question , if you have a Medical Marijuana Card , how much can you buy each visit ? i mean what's your limit ? thanks !

  • strain consistency

  • techniques instead of being so stingy and keeping the rest of us guessing it urkes me alot i just want to make some good wax honey comb or just wax or budder all i can make is shatter and some hard oil i have used nug trim all d above i wish i had a legit mentor for all of this instead of the broad spectrum of the mighty directionless youtube+forum+internet >:-(

  • it looks pure on that evaporation dish they demo-ed i dont know i have been making bho concentrates for two years now really only know to get a couple different textures i never whip never over heat and i do vac purge how ever people make all of this so mystical simple supply and demand tactics but this is all supposed to be for "medical" purposes to better the quality of others lives i dont understand how they can get away with selling a tainted product. people should be more free with there

  • Sandwich sauce ?

  • Im preety sure that was purged the way it melted.true way to find is putting heat to it, maybe purged different,noticed it hit you guys preety quick

  • by whipping in butane, you dont want it

  • whats the song

  • how do you make this texture?

  • task and linus is the shit!!!!

  • Buy a gram of wax and get a gram of wax free ? that deal is t
    oo good to be true , why don`t clubs in the Bay Area have deals like that ?
    X-D .

  • even if you take like 5 dabs in a row thats a ridiculous amount of thc

  • chyea i heard task lol