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WORLD’S STRONGEST COFFEE!!! (Deathwish Coffee Review)



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So i’m trying something quite different this afternoon & doing a review on Deathwish Coffee. Deathwish claims to be “the world’s strongest coffee” and I can 100% agree with that claim! 😛

I give Deathwish a solid rating of [6.3/7]

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  • It was funny when you do a 14 mm Haircut and shave completly your beardyou will be a completly other Person :D

  • Isnt caffiene bad for your health though?

  • Dope

  • cannabutter + Deathwish = unicorn rainbows

  • you look like a werewolf

  • I wanna see this guy go a week without coffee and weed ??

  • I've been wanting to try this coffee……have you tried Raven's Brew? It's pretty good too!

  • true it's not a coffee show, but add edible Marijuana fuse with coffee cream or something to make this a perfect wake and bake ;)

  • How do you brew the coffee to get the most flavor and caffeine out of it?

    I tried it, but I became sleepy half an hour later because it was late and had no problems going to bed right after that cup of coffee.

  • had this coffee before, pretty good coffee and surely wakes you up in the morning haha

  • I cant even get through a cup of coffee from dunkin with out the shakes. This would kill actually me XD

  • Not gonna lie… you look like FaZe Banks

  • i would guess he is irish, so he probably likes tee as well

  • Fuggen ginger wookie in the house.

  • what kind of pain do you have? i know its personal but im curious

  • u live in Washington man, of course you like coffee

  • Soo glad you did this review I heard about it but didn't know if it was any good I'm definitely gonna get a couple bags haha

  • what minute and second mark does he show the caffeine comparison

  • Hope you guys are drinking along, brewing along, getting that caffeine deep into your bloodstream because I'm gonna get it deep into mine.

  • coffee + weed = life?