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WMTV Episode XIII – Seattle Hempfest 2011 Join Gil from WeedMaps TV as he heads to the Seattle Hempfest 2011! Interviews include Tim Pate, Mr. Keifbox and more!


  • at 3:29 the guy sitting with Gil is the owner of the Collective i go to in washington! hes got so good stuff down there in preston, check out Kind Alt.!

  • I was watching this to see if I was in this video. But I saw my buddy Coleman, wow how fuckin weird

  • i am the guy with the bowling pin steamroller. i want to smoke with you. find some way to find me hahahaha

  • Wish I could go to one of these in my life except I going through some hard times and it's too expensive to fly up to Seattle and go. Plus I don't have a weed medical card!-LOL!

  • I totally saw Gil riding on that bike hahaha.


  • Do you have a Washington medical card Gil?

  • fuck yea! kottonmouth kings @ 5:57

  • @Indybb or Bongs and Thongs

  • @BertBarcheez yeah its a buzzkill

  • Can anyone say woodstock?!?

  • nice big lebowski bowling pin pipe lets see a cop fish around your ashtray with that behemoth ~(o____O)~~

  • @Indybb
    good thinkin

  • KMK, thats sweet

  • Thumbs up for the Hatchetman Keifbox … MCL!!

  • im gonna open a strip joint / dispensary, and name it "all weed, no wood"

  • Thumbs up for the bro with the bowling ball pin!

  • Seen It!

  • That green crack looked airy and pre-mature…

  • haha i have dealt with jr at ccc. hes a good guy. dont really like his co-op though