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WMTV Ep. XI: Spring Gathering 2011 Join Tang, Gil, Fritz, and Nadav as they relive their 2011 Spring Gathering experience at the NOS events center in San Bernardino, California!

Guerilla Union presents Dr. Greenthumb, Tommy Chong, and Snoop Dogg’s Spring Gathering music festival and medical marijuana expo powered by Weedmaps! Exclusive live performances by Snoop Dogg, Cypress Hill, Stephen Marley, Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley, Travis Barker and Mix Master Mike, Tha Dogg Pound, Dilated Peoples, Collie Buddz, and Los Rakas!

The WeedMaps Medical Marijuana Expo will also play home to The Cannabis Classic. The Cannabis Classic is a platform for medical marijuana patients to celebrate their favorite collectives, products, and strains of the season, as well as honor inspirational activists and artists that have enhanced their lives.


  • MCC best compassionate caregivers in the Orange County…no body, no BODY put it down like them…

  • what was that jay z song


  • If Ron Jeremy and Trendyasdabbers had a love child… it would be the DJ Weedmaps had

  • Tommy Chong!!

  • nah not at all, take your own advice though bro, PEACE

  • no not if u think about it, its illegal on a federal level, so he wouldnt be allowed to be on the force if he was smoking, they do drug tests, im not even from america and i know this lol..

  • gil is there going to be a 2012 spring video?

  • What kind of weed was in that huge blunt? they said it tested very high

  • Uhh, is that Jonah Hill at 4:49?

  • @5:10 nipple twist???

  • I was gonna say…what do you gotta donate to get some of that Jenna from MCC?

  • Jenna from mcc, marry me.

  • lol "It's WeedMaps you know, it's not like people are sprinting."

  • 6 edges.

  • @bnz500 just…… something

  • @pitdog62 whats wrong ?

  • 6 ppl made so the like-dislike bar looks life a spliff 🙂

  • @Joeweeeeeeee Haha snoop just wishes he could chill with tang and gil, he'll never have the quality they have.

  • Whats with all the skanks and yes Marijuana county collective=brick weed