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WMTV Ep. X: NorCal Grow Tour Join Gil & Fritz as they travel up to Northern California to visit some friends from Green Cuisine, as well as a number of dispensaries along the way.


  • Oh My Gosh!!! Look at that Table Awesome medicated cake but look at those Buds..Man people in Nashville TN need to get there shyte together.People need meds and get out of old school thought process..Time to take a stand.

  • Gil, This Was Truly Beautiful….. Blessings,Peace & Light To You and Crew!!!

  • charlie sheen og part 2- pressure infused with real crack rock oils

  • 1:53 that cake is fuckin awsome !

  • playing golf like a boss does.

  • wats that all bout ?

  • @kun1212alwaysFLY Doesn't matter, he's a fucking geek that can't smoke at all.

  • the eastcoast period needs more dispensaries

  • Dolores park buddy

  • britain needs to legalize my bwdaaaa!

  • hell yeah nice video!
    cant wait for the next episode!
    SF cannabis cup!!!

  • @cptmuska Pussy

  • @nugporn i would never take the chance even with a medical card if i lived in the states. I would be too sketched out. I would Never smoke in public. Thank god i live In Ottawa. 🙂

  • favorite weedmaps weed tour…liked and favorited…keep up the good work..

  • @crispyfreshnigguh
    Oh I got the point of what THEY were saying but I guess you interpreted in your own way. What do YOU think their point was?

  • @NeedSomeDropsBro im going to try to too, i plan to live out there so it will make everything easier. im all the way from jersey though

  • @DylanTGOD i cheat on my girlfriend with the beautiful mary jane every chance i get:)

  • @rdskinsrck202
    I'm not here to teach you things that you missed, figure it out for yourself.

  • @bluemystic7502 took AP bio. looks like you do mate. explain your reasoning. leaves give the plant energy and stores nutrients buds are flowers, leaves do not produce flowers.

  • @rdskinsrck202
    You need to go back and finish high school.