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WMTV Ep. VIII: Cannabis Classic Strain Reviews Gil and Tang sit down for an old fashioned strain review… only this time they’re smoking 10 strains IN A ROW, and from the top shelves of the top clubs in California. Take a seat and burn one with your favorite strain reviewers!


  • 1:48 he looks like he's feeling warm lol

  • 7:12 his face hahahah

  • You sir post the same thing on every cannabis vid you find and this is the only thing on your channel. I call BS and ask you to stop slandering cannabis with lies. All these traits are more likely caused by the other schedule 1 drugs and have nothing to do with cannabis. Show me the PHYSICAL proof of your "findings", otherwise please stop it.

  • popular strain out of bay area cali. "Ocean Grown" kush was VERY popular around its debut and many many hybrids have originated from it. matter of fact, its very hard to find original OG strains now a days

  • shut the fuck up, get the fuck out of here. no one believes your bullshit to begin with, different strains of marijuana cant induce massively different side effects like that. you're obviously some troll trying to stop people from blazing their favorite strains. if this actually happened those bitches got some PCP laced shit or something

  • Doctor W. Ferguson here. I specialize in recreational drug maladies, & need to warn you about a marijuana strain that is harming people. Users of White Widow have recently experienced Jacksonian seizures & basal writhing, leaving victims with broken vertebrae & self-mutilation of their mouth. An episode was documented as such: “during seizures patient bit off lower lip & portions of tongue & cheeks. Their body arched until supported only by heels & head, cracking sounds came from their spine…"

  • i wanna smoke some classics

  • Musicman ur a dumb ass weed puts no tar in ur lungs

  • what is OG?

  • Could u even judge the high after how baked they already are ahaha

  • tang connot hit a bong

  • Moral of the story… Move to Northern Cail. Good weed and hot chicks.

  • i started watching this video and then about 7 minutes in realized that i dont give a fuck

  • 11:20 them bitches was blowed!!!

  • This was sooooo dope. Do a Christmas special like this…top ten frosty gankiest flowers (trees).

  • @nugporn gil what bubbler are you using in this video? Tang's syn is legit, but what piece is that? thanks for your help!

  • Fuck trying any of that Liquid Butter OG after those bitches fingered the shit out of it, they didn't know much about it either. Guaranteed they put those right back in the jar after. Great video other than that.

  • UFO videos check out my channel under. Californiamarcos Area 51 Kush reviews

  • Those girls at 11:00 were stoned out of their minds

  • Gogreenbear thats where I go bomb bud n good prices