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WMTV Ep VII Beach Clean Up Join Gil and the crew as they clean up Newport Beach on Memorial Day Weekend!

Take a look back at last years festivities. We originally had to take this video down for legal purposes but now that we cleared that up it’s back. Enjoy! – Gil


  • clean up venice beach so they dont close up all their dispensaries lol

  • Bahaha forgot i wrote that comment…cracked me up more the second time around. Fake bitches get real stiches ~!!!

  • More for me.

  • get money and the sexy blondes will follow lol

  • everyone knows the entire point of reposting this video was to remind everyone that if you dont clean up your shit LDog is gonna come and make you look like a bitch

  • lol yeah

  • damn all of there responses show that they have another agenda and that is to represent their weed club.. LOL fail.

  • good idea tho!

  • LOL

  • Congrats LDog hope you enjoyed the show!

  • man that blond chick is sexy as hell. and why the fuck is weed still illegal i don't get it. Sooo confused right now

  • Hell yea! This is great, you should sponsor more events like this (not that your not doing enough) Anything that is showing people who dont use cannabis that more than just crime and violence comes from cannabis is great for our movement. G pen is the shit! weedmaps rules!

  • god all those damn stoners are worthless haha

  • Smoke a joint and clean up the beach? Yeah sure.

  • I feel like you guys posted this video like a year ago…

  • that is very very very COOL nice work weedmaps

  • Pretty sure I watched this a year ago. lol

  • get new speakers

  • 1:18 "I am here with a lovely group of fags" xD

  • ahaha nuggetry > weedmaps