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WMTV Ep. IX: WeedMaps checks out a Marijuana Testing Facility Join Tang and world renowned botonist, Steve Tuck, as they take a tour of Santa Cruz Labs in Santa Cruz, California. Take a deeper look into the safer and scientific side of cannabis.


  • Steve Tuck put on a fucking clinic!!

  • and have tuck read it to you

  • Wow .Atlanta's watching.

  • Every time Steve does a video the morons show up and rip him because he's from Kentucky and has an accent. That short guy that "talks like a retard" probably has more intelligence in his stool than you will ever have Johnnyluvstacos. He's an amazing grower and a brilliant man. Every time I listen to Steve I'm in awe of his botany knowledge. Just because somebody has a southern accent doesn't mean they're stupid. Listen to what he says, not how he says it.

  • >>>>>>>>>>4:10 – 4:14<<<<<<<<<<

  • Tang you look sooooo lost buddy?

  • That is a very good thing.

  • Excellent video! PCR is new technology; amazing!

  • Its because there's a shit ton of butane in it

  • Do they test butane content in bho???

  • Educational

  • That's not Steve Tuck. That's Steve Buscemi in Billy Madison!

  • "it's scientific people doing real science."

  • hell yeah some atmosphere!slug is one of the dopest mc's of all time.A tribe called quest is pretty dope as well.they both my out for evidence out with a new album.sick as fuck.

  • @l235n3p5 lol… I guess you've never been to the South? Everyone talks like that over there.

  • I know what im doing later in life…

  • i think its so awsome that the grow expert wears a suit haha

  • Very Cool!! LOL Yep Steve's voice!

  • @smokestorm88 It was grown alright. It was outdoor, but it wasnt bad. There was a distinct trippy characteristic to the buzz that i have never felt in any other smoke, ever.