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WizardPuff Travel Bubbler – (Glass Review)


Travel Bubbler – [] – [Use code “StrainCentral” for 5% off any order]

Thought i’d step outside today to do a review on this little travel bubbler! It’s a 6-arm tree perc bubbler with an 18mm joint. It can be used for flower/oil if necessary & can fit in your pocket easily. This really is one of the perfect “travel pieces”

Overall I give it a [4.9/7]

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  • That bubbler with a separate bowl is genius!! You can just take it out and dump the bowl without spilling water all over. NICE!! That's my biggest complaint about bubblers and this one solves it.

  • Why do you need an adapter josh? Can't you jus put a universal nail where the bowl piece is suppose to go , Instead of an adapter?

  • Broooo I got that exact same jacket

  • the music is a bit low

  • this video: 5/7 video, almost as good as the dark night

  • so, basically 5/7 ? the perfect rating ?

  • π = 3.14

  • I have the same bubbler and I bought it for less than $15

  • You remind me of shaggy

  • I have the exact same pipe from toker supply. It's alright

  • stop whipping that shit around?

  • dollar high clubs glass piece!

  • does anyone live in Florida around west palm beach lake worth or palm springs that was to sesh?

  • thought u haven't been posting went to ur channel and i wasnt subbed good thing is I have alot to catch up on

  • Nice looking glass for a decent price legit about it actually having a removable bowl rare with bubblers.

  • Why does he rate out of 7???

  • the glass arms are connected. theres a glass plate in the middle of the perc holding the arms together.

  • sweet shirt man! caught my eye right away

  • Nice bro..I've been looking at the bubbler for a while. liked your review I like the functions