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WizardPuff Nectar Dome (Glass Review)


Nectar Dome – ( – [Use code “StrainCentral” for 5% off any order]

WizardPuff sent me over this awesome 12″ 18mm “Nectar Dome” to do a review on! It’s got double barrel perc’s (which are like 2 showerhead’s stacked back to back) and it’s made of VERY thick boro. This is what i’d consider to be a great daily driver rig, simply because it functions well, it feels comfortable to use, and it’s affordable!

Overall I give this piece of glass a [5.7/7]

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  • The Green Lion Plushberry is good too.  Really smooth hits, but I don't care for the consistency. I would still pick a live resin over co2 for taste though.

  • I would buy this for flower, never do dabs lol

  • I am looking to buy this since it's so cheap and according to multiple reviews a decent starter piece. Where can I buy a titanium nail I want it to fit.

  • Make a review of the Flower Tower by Wizard Puff !!!

  • lmao i love how u bring up somethin sorta negative but then u just crack up and ur like "BUT CHEERS GUYS :D" hahah get me everytime ninja

  • when ripping bong i like to pull the weed through completely…. with this piece would it effect the percolator or ruin it or get stuck in the bong?

  • @straincentral So is the nectar dome specifically for dabs? And if I was to get one just for flower it'd be fine?

  • Thanks for the review josh i ordered it immediately :)

  • stolen idea from diamond glass (yes there is a glass company called dg not the clothing line)

  • Im buying this piece now cuz of you and jolie

  • Been watching ur videos and glass reviews alot dude, love the knowledge you share with us

  • Isopropyl alcohol

  • Go to Fred Meyer bro they have 99%

  • What is a driver?

  • Has anyone tried wizard puff's nectar dome mini?

  • "It comes with this…(looks confused)…joint, and this …(looks so confused)…bucket-dome" –lol! So funny. Nice vidz

  • the movie begins at 7:10

  • +StrainCentral hey quick question I was thinking of buying a rig from DHgate are they no good?

  • you cant even clean that shit when its full of resin

  • Can someone tell me what kind of ash catchers would work with this piece?