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“Wifi” (Concentrate Review)


Wifi is… A mystery strain?? All I know about it is that is a Pure Indica. If you know anything about the genetics, make sure to leave a comment so I can update the description!! This strain is perfect for Pain Relief, Stress Relief, and Insomnia! Overall I give it a [6.7/7] Some of the best concentrate i’ve had in a good bit!!


  • "hit me like a brick of trains!!!?"lmao

  • fruity pebbles?

  • Indica's are my jam! It helps with my back pain and social anxiety.

  • I tried the moonshine it's pretty tasty 

  • Smoking on the rest of my Northern Lights and eating one of the brownies i made today, for my first time making an edible, they turned out pretty good. Cheers man

  • Don't hold the light blue part of the flame so close to the nail that's actually the coldest part of the flame so it will take longer.

  • Man I have insomnia man I hate that I have to take zzquil man they need to legalize it here in Maryland.

  • You should upload a video of close ups of you milking your pieces 

  • i love WiFi even though i enjoy sativa waay more than indica.
    Great video, Cheers!

  • hes gotta be lying about the 100% indica, or about it being actually named Wifi. he either renamed it or is lying about the % indica cus he just doesn't know.. but Wifi is only white fire og. nothing else, anything else is just biting off of Wifi and White fire og… pretty weak in my opinion.. makes me not want to try that dudes products but i hear they are ok..

  • looking forward to some football chat this sunday!

  • He's probably fucking with that wifi from Cali hahaha all the OG's I've had down here are where hella sweet lol cheers

  • would love to try WiFi!

  • try keep ya bong clean when weeds illegal an u live with siblings ….
    we smoke n blow out the window… i need that legalization down here in australia  

  • I tried this 2 weeks ago.I had to bring it back and take some hits with you since it's late.You doing any special videos for christmas?

  • We love the content and will continue to watch. Happy Holidays Good Tokes. 

  • Have you ever considered doing a QnA?

  • Yo I legit feel like your YouTube channel is one big family bro love watching your vids look forward too it everyday an when u have like 200,000 sub I get to say I'm a pioneer lol cheers cheers broham✌️

  • Bro! I got the sugar wax. Shines like a disco ball and tastes skunky. Review coming soon!!!

  • Great video Josh love the name of the strain sounds funky , really hoping to see more videos uploaded this weekend stay blazed ! Merry Christmas

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