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18+older. Thanks for watching this addition to the crazy hit library! The concentrates in this dab blended together into one massive hit! Enjoy! LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE!


  • so dope I smoke 2 u reppin va

  • I don't know if anyone will see this but has anyone heard of gorilla glue dabs? Gorilla glue is one of my favorite medical strains and I wanna know if it exists in dab form.

  • Do a giveaway. It'll work. Trust me.

  • Anyone else yell the intro along with him? lmao.

  • you are a nigger

  • Completely love getting medicated to the videos love the energy keep that bomb stuff up kid

  • Turn subtitles on people, you wont regret it

  • Where did all your old videos go Jolie??????????????? I wanna watch em homie. Get back to me if you can!

  • are you gonna read this comment? Haha nice vid man Imma a little late but going through you play list man

  • Why are you always so out of breath

  • hey man just wanted to say that I love your channel. and I love to smoke. however I'm in Australia right now and its illegal'''' Mehhh haha. but yeah big fan keep the videos coming

  • what was the total weight? looks like almost half a gram

  • i wanna kill this gúy if keeps yelling youtube youtube

  • say jolie can you direct me to your first video please sir
    hit me up at topdog1488@yahoo
    great work btw its very inspiring

  • love the new backdrop!

  • cant afford to do dabs even though i have done some before, can barely afford weed, not to mention i live in missouri…..

  • Broo this dude is crazy mann

  • That hat is bad ass

  • 420 blaze it 720 faze it