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I’ve seen this asked more times than I could count, so I thought i’d make a video telling you the several ways that cannabis benefits my daily life!!

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  • I use it because I like the way it makes me feel I appreciate it

  • I have anger management problems so the marijuana really calms me also I've had multiple ankle injuries I've played basketball for many years so it really helps with the pain.

  • I smoke weed because I have axiety and stress I even started smoking when I was 13 and it benefited my life in a huge way and now I'm a medical marijuana patient in Canada

  • I use cannabis to get those ‭cannabinoids deep into my lungs

  • Back pain (rods, screws, and hooks in back for spine) and stress, man.

  • Diabetes, preventive neuropathic issues, sleep.. the list goes on.

  • Smoking saved my life, plus it relaxes my panic disorder and gets me motivated and positive about life. Im also using it to get into college… my art is incredible when I'm stoned :)

  • I use cannabis because I have a lot going on and it takes all the problems away

  • Do you grow? That's a few hundreds dollars a months on a light month. How do you find the way to afford it? That's the hardest for me.

  • I use it for chronic pain, even my opioids don't do enough so I use both. Previously was on steroids and would need extra treatments for oral ulcers and haven't had a single one make it to full grown since i started using Cannabis and stopped all steroids.

  • i was in an extremely bad car accident at the beginning of the year and smokeing has saved me with the pain, nauzia, anxiety, depression,and insomnia. i smoked a little before to help with the preexisting conditions of ptsd but have incressed a ton. its been extremely great with helping just get through the day.

  • I smoke canabis because of pains I've had from sprains, fractures, or just muscle issues. It helps them loosen and helps me relax to my fullest extent. I'm an Indica kinda guy, as you can probably tell. lmao.

  • I wish I could get a medical card in Texas for my Crohn's Disease :-/

  • Anxiety and sometimes stress but mainly Anxiety

  • Well in 1978 it was just cool and we had to find out what this was all about. And now it's for my pains from stenosis in neck and back also slipped disc which left me with numbness in feet and lower leg. And also other things that are TMI. But I sure do thank you for being up front with your reasons for smoking. Although I don't believe you need to have a reason or even justify it to anyone it's far more Healthy for you to relax with than Alcohol and the latter makes you not behave in a good way. Where as herb makes you either super relaxed or up but some individuals can't handle it or don't need it. But it really helps me in so many ways I can't describe them all but life is bearable with each drag I take. So smoke on Peace Love and free the Herb.

  • You look like Shaggy

  • I enjoy it. That is all.

  • I just started using it for anxiety issues. I have reoccurring major depression and severe anxiety disorder with agoraphobia. If my panic is out of control I have these intense attacks that feel, literally, like I'm dying from a heart attack. I have my depression under control with meds, but as my depression got better it became clear how out of control the panic was. For 20 years I've just been dealing with the anxiety as best as I could without any pharmaceuticals because I have a familial allergy to benzodiazepines. I couldn't function anymore and had to do something… and decided to try medical marijuana with the support of all my doctors. I can't smoke, dab, or vape due to severe asthma so I really rely on CBD edibles. For me, 10-15mg every day or every other day keeps it in check so I can function.

  • I use it to get a deep insight at my life, that insight finally routed to my deep seeded anxiety , i know get alot of anxiety from smoking but its got to get worse before it gets better.

  • Some Vicodin