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Who Is William Breathes? Gil sits down and interviews one of the most most talked about strain reviewers in the U.S., the one and only, William Breathes.


  • @Woawza At the end of most of their videos they put on there the song that they played in that video….

  • @YOUNGSE7EN512 Gil doesnt actually say if u listen carefully he says "And I;m Gil from Weedmaps and Nug Porn"

  • And uh I'm Gil with (lol at 3:53) WeedMaps.PORN. LOL funniest shit ever!!!!

  • @Akida646 me 2!!!

  • i am here in denver enjoying some of the fine rocky mountain herbs. love westword and the fine state of colorado

  • @805fillmore colorado is like colorado. dnt get much better than this *toke*

  • @chilidog1001 that wasn't made clear in the video? I wear a mask on camera and use a pen name because I want to remain anonymous so that I don't get special treatment in dispensaries. I want to give reviews from the consumer point of view.

  • he was on cnn

  • i love living in Colorado

  • i hope that he doesn't wear the bandana when he goes into the clubs LOL xD

  • I dig William's approach. He has the fairest way to come at the clinics to review them and their herbs and hashish. Not in it for the special hook up or the face fame.

  • William: I just wanted to say that you're amazing! Now back to my batman video… I shall send it to you once it's completed!