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“White Strawberry” – (Strain Review)


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White Strawberry is an Aurum Farms cross between (The White x Strawberry Cough) that provides you with a subtle calming body high & a very creative, focused, and euphoric cerebral high.

It would be a great strain for Stress, Depression, G.I. problems, and Minor pain relief. Overall I give this strain a solid [6.1/7]

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  • holy crap, i just did the little skype appointment thing for the cannabis card….did not know it was that easy to get a card. Literally told him i had some anxiety during week nights and have experienced bouts of insomnia and the dude told me i'd get my card in 2 weeks after i pay $50 for the card…. XD

  • look at the hempwick at 9:51… spells Josh in cursive (kinda)

  • it seemed like you were really enjoying that high Josh. never heard of this strain. I might have to keep an ear out for it. peace!

  • wana try any of the ones you reviewed. all i use are some random strains. cheers josh (y)

  • Im a big fan of this channel. I learn a lot.. Thanks!

  • sommelier of da cush. power to you man!

  • is that amonia smell perhaps residual fertilizer?

  • No close ups!?

  • Damn josh do you clean your pieces before every video?

  • 27%!!!!!!!!!

  • This looks delicious.

  • bro t shirt where did you get it

  • Strawberry cough is THE BEST tasting strain I ever tried. Taste just like strawberrys. Wasnt super powerfull but is one of my favorites just for the taste. Im exited to try this strain.

  • your shirt is awesome

  • Your videos bro are fuckin relaxing, and this is what weed is about. Better the guy behind Customgrow420 come a learn a bit.

  • Bad Billy Maze. Bad. No do cocaine!

  • Are the big dabpads coming back anytime soon? nice reviews dude

  • that face at 2:49 priceless

  • I love when josh smells the weed lol

  • How can I get some