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“White Label” – (Strain Review)


White Label is an Indica dominant hybrid strain that provides you with a very spacey, sedating head high paired with a heavy & calming body high! It took 1st place in the 2014 Dope Cup judges choice.

Great strain for those suffering from insomnia, pain, stress, and anxiety! Overall I give this strain a [6.1/7]

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  • Could it be like a grape ape crossed with something?

  • josh youre awesome! keep up the good work man ??

  • Jack Frost and some gdp 

  • Where did you get that rig with the tree perc attachment? Very nice. Also what are those black beads called that take away the burnt ash taste away? That got inside the bowl piece

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  • how come every strain of flowers you review looks so similar? is it just me or does anyone else notice it too?

  • Smoking some Cindy White here in AZ! :)

  • Right on with the review man! I pick this up regularly because of the calming affects it gives. The smell and flavor are ok but the affects and the high are why I keep pickin it up. Great anxiety and ptsd strain

  • Pls do an Amnesia Review!

  • Lemon diesel is really good for sleep too:)

  • Idk if you already talked about this or not but when are the strain central mats like the one you put under your bongs. 

  • I need that! 

  • Why does everything taste hashy ?

  • Smoking Master kush, cheers from Texas!

  • dat lipstick doe

  • Great review, nice description of an Indica high. Peace bro!

  • smokin on lemon haze