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“White Fire Bud Run” (Concentrate Review)


White Fire is a cross between (Fire OG x The White) and it provides you with a nice Sativa dominant Hybrid high, that will provide pain relief yet still keep you functional throughout your day. This would be a great strain for those suffering from Chronic Pain that still need to go to work, school, etc. Also would be good for Depression, Stress, Headaches, Appetite Stimulation, Nausea, and Muscle Spasms.

The taste is dominantly KUSHY. If you are a kush-o-holic than you need this in your life. Overall I give it a [6.3/7]


  • yooooo of course you would have reviewed so long ago! i've never seen this video so this feels like finding a gem :)

  • dudeee use a rolling paper and when its all nice and oily roll a joint there yah go life better.

  • Doooope vid bro

  • cheers from a fellow washington stoner.

  • Aurum farms got them fiery fire buds. Not big on refined seattle but enjoy the reviews. I have tried their tahoe OG and GSC in the past. Both were very good choices. Cheers! 

  • Watching the vid for the 2nd time noticed the I feel it lil clip shit got my Rollin lolllllllllll can't believe I missed it the first time I watched I guess I was busy dabbin 

  • Hey Josh, can you do a flower review of any strain(s) if possible, that might be available in the SeaTac area that is CBD dominant, and Indica dominant?
    Nice dab rag btw!

  • nice review Josh,makes me want it too
    i like it cuz it did not like milk up too much you know,,,iam talking about the first one

  • Fireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • more refine reviews haha

  • Nice video I remember my first the white from the club bomb as'f smoking it back on the freeway I remember the kens cookies I got for free a gram helluh good & I'm smokeing some dabs still cookies & I think you should make you videos a lot longer I'd love to see a montage of helluh dab hits

  • You are officially my new favorite weedtuber. Love all the videos.  So awesome. Keep it up

  • Great video!
    Check out the update if you haven't seen it already

  • Smokin some og kush flower, great videos! I watch every video. Cheers!

  • Finally picked up some flower after strictly dabbin for awhile, first couple bong snaps just about killed me lol smokin on some Jack and some Alien Dawg (Alien Technology x ChemDawg) oils are great but there's something about cracking open a fresh bud and packing a bowl or rolling a joint that never loses its luster to me. If you're not part of the reddit /r/trees community you should check it out, huge and welcoming community about anything and everything bud

  • "bud run" lol

  • Bud run or nugs run lolll good vid 

  • flower reviews

  • Great vid! Keep em comin bro. Stay frosty