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What’s Illegal?: Weed or THC??


This topic was suggested to me month’s ago when I was taking some THC pills post-surgery. I milled it over for a while & am finally ready to make a whole topic video on the subject!! 😛
I cover the legality of: The cannabis plant, Hemp, THC, cannabis seeds, and CBD.

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  • best youtuber !

  • Everyone always yells at me for buttoning the top button of my colored shirts, im happy yours is buttoned.

  • What if the seeds are for collection purpose :D

  • I liked how you made a cut for the coughing moment, that was very polite

  • in the uk seeds are legal and the equipment is legal but once you put that seed in the ground you're a criminal

  • maybe in one of your next wake n Bake please Josh peace✌✌

  • can you not talk about the UK today trying to legalise cannabis

  • How about in the UK lol nearly legal in five years just got back from Amsterdam The weed was not that good the best Weed we got was strawberry Kush in the greenhouse don't go to the ball dog is very good then again I'm talking to you you're in a brilliant country and apparently as you just said on your way can break it's a legal oils in Amsterdam I wanted blue dream and and the main one which you're probably laugh from getting it from out there now I've been there is girl Scout cookies some of the dealers over there are so rude you cannot talk to them you are not allowed to touch the weed very weird but it probably would be to me because I live in a country you were you cannot have £10 worth with out getting arrested what I did get was candy cash as well I wanted Blue dream now I'm rambling on Stoner rambling on lol ??✌?️

  • i guess everyone literally in south dakota are going to be arrested for having dmt naturally in your brain

  • Tehy need to pass the Carers act and make weed schedule 2. schedule 1 says it has no medical benefit but its been proven it has a lot of medicinal properties.

  • also on the CBD oil Ohio allows the sale of CBD oil in our vape shops you do have to find certain vape shops that know about it but they are allowed to sell certain CBD oils

  • on the 30 days of internal possession I once tested positive for 97 days while I was in the county jail had no way to smoke and still pass tested positive for 97 days does that mean that I internally possess cannabis for 97 days lol

  • I believe in December 2014 the federal ban was actually lifted in the US!

  • i had some grapefruit from honey fire extracts and it was straight terp sauce and i love your videos man im dabbin along with you on some CO2 extracted syringes right now

  • Keep it up with your channel, love the educational info that you give and the reviews you do, this is eskimo is happy with your new vids and old, been following you for awhile now

  • Did you do something different with your hair? it looks darker…..

  • I haven't been subscribed to you for long but I love you as a person haha. you're so positive and intelligent and just such a great guy. thanks for the good vibes! cheers.

  • Technically states can say fuck you to the government and not allow whatever federal law was made.

  • HAND GESTURES EVERYWHERE AHH lol too crazy for me dude, to much moving, much love