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What is THCV? Take a closer look at the benefits and synthesis of THCV, or Tetrahydrocannabivarin,


  • All cannabis plants have the ability to create ALL cannabiniods.  They also all begin, molecularly speaking, from the Same place.  More research, less claims!!  That's how we will find answers!! 

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  • Sarcasm. Nice.

  • great info + very nicely presented ! THANK YOU!

  • @mgBorn619 its not that complex ahahha

  • when that guy at 1:05 lfted up the board, i was like aww shiit my mind is gunna get fuked

  • he says "a" like a canadian… eh?

  • this is why i'm growing Jack the Ripper from subcool….very good for autoimmune diseases

  • @real934 yea so its true….like i said i speak the truth n u dont…just give it up bro im sick of commenting

  • @canadiancosnnoisseur Hey just askin relax bud i just wanna know and these are your words which you wrote on the other youtube message board which i click and pasted ''i have fucking professional seed companys ask me for my kush strains for breeding'' … you did say this .

  • @real934 the i grow in half my vids DUUUUUHHHH….(original clone only og kushx island sweet skunk)……n like i said they ASKED for it for BREEDING…i didnt say professional seed companies carry my strains so dont get shit twisted…i dont talk fuckin bullshit like you only the truth

  • @canadiancosnnoisseur Its called sarcasm! … so what strains have you developed and what companies demand your '' quality strains and/or hybrids?

  • @real934 well so far youve called me amazing, a legend, and a baller…sounds like we both know who knows our shit here!!ahahaha give it up troll

  • @canadiancosnnoisseur I dont believe your bullshit so what strain have you devoloped then?

  • @real934 lmao i never ever said i was the inventor of BHO your a backwards nutcase???and yea proffessional seed companies do ask for my kush strains so yea thats not a lie…..lmao …i dont have to make shit up like you….go work on ''legalizing cannabis sativa'' and quit trolling ahaha

  • @canadiancosnnoisseur I need an education ? Oh ok panflits ! And yea you did claim to be one of the'' first to make'' BHO and now you backpeddle. Also your words are in quotes ''i have fucking professional seed companys ask me for my kush strains for breeding '' WHICH IS ANOTHER LIE YOU SAID. So you are a proffesional horticulturalist botanist and BHO master and still have time to makes vids and talk shit to someone you don't even know you are AMAZING and a LEGEND…LMAO.

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  • @canadiancosnnoisseur So what else did you ''invent and/or innovate'' ? After all i'm talking to a expert on cannabis ! And who are these top seed banks that demand your ''quality strains'' you develop ? You act like you're best since Jack Herer himself.

  • @canadiancosnnoisseur HAHA… the only fake bitch is you for saying you were one of the first to make BHO… what a fucking liar c'mon you expect people to believe that raw bullshit. Now thats a joke !!!

  • @real934 a fuckin email? when the fuck did we exchange fuckin email addresses lol