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What is THCA? Take a look at what medical benefits THCA has and how it is synthesized in the cannabis plant!


  • Australian studies show that non decarboxylated marijuana, can be used just as effectively as CBD

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  • Why is THCA credited as anti cancer, and THC is not, when all the clinical data, and most of the anecdotal evidence for cancer killing properties is for THC? Where are the studies that show THCA as an anti cancer substance?

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  • what happens when you decarboxylate all the other cannabinoids?

    Does decarboxylating the other cannabinoids increase their anti-inflammatory benefits in the same way thc-a does when decarboxylated in to THC?

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  • I think THCa is bunk weed. I look for the highest THC content the highest ive found is like 8 percent lol


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  • About to go into Organic Chemistry studies, this is the job I want to do. I don't care much about the pay, I just care for sensible drug policies and science is the way to get there.

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