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Today I busted out the Reclaim to show you guys what it looks like! I also take a disgusting claim dab to show you what it sounds like on the nail! If you ever hear sizzling on your nail it’s most likely not good.. Either trapped moisture or taaaaaaane.. Claim can be great for seasoning nails… Thats about it ­čśŤ

Hope you guys enjoy! Cheers~


  • you looked hella ripped after it haha´╗┐

  • Just got sold 2.5gs of reclaim from a dirty fucking skid´╗┐

  • no wonder one time I was rising my bong with hot water and I got high out of no where
    must be them reclaims´╗┐

  • I'm watching this video wondering when the torch is going to explode because you held it sideways´╗┐

  • My claim comes out just as it goes in called throw it in the vac purger´╗┐

  • i use mine as athletes foot medicine.´╗┐

  • is reclaim bad?´╗┐

  • lol you used to be chubby´╗┐

  • dude i would dab that shit anytime anywhere, still gets me high lol.´╗┐

  • i really dont mind reclaim. my rig has a huge claim rate so for every gram i smoke i get almost half a gram back. its very convenient´╗┐

  • Omggg joshh your so young´╗┐

  • If my dealer has one big glob he takes little pieces from is that reclaim? It's super dark and looks a lot like the reclaim straincentral has. Someone answer my retarded question´╗┐

  • Have you done a review on the incredibowl? If not, could you?´╗┐

  • Reclaim gets you feeling right when your out of bud/ wax/ shatter/ oil I've done many reclaim dabs and it will get you baked if you use good quality concentrates with a high THC CONTENT´╗┐

  • Lmao pud´╗┐

  • I dont care, I save and dab my claim when times get tough, just like I saved and smoked my resin back in the good old days….its like he said it tests close to ( im sure it loses a negligible amount of thc) the same amount of thc as the wax it started out as…….. so if I have 3 grams of claim thats in the ballpark of 70% THC you better bet your bottom dollar that is not getting thrown out.´╗┐

  • Holy shit you used to be fat and awkward lol I still thing your rad tho lol´╗┐

  • Put it in capsules bro.´╗┐

  • Depends on what concentrates you buy. I've been smoking solvent less oil for a while now and the reclaim is BOMB af!´╗┐