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What Is CBG? Take a look at what medical benefits CBG has and how it is synthesized in the cannabis plant!


  • it appears the gov is wrong

  • And now we know that our bodies were created to use cannabis upon discovery of the endocannabinoid system…isn't that amazing? Our bodies were literally created for the use of the cannabis plant. 🙂

  • You're totally right…most people just don't understand depression or clinical anxiety and panic attacks. It's impossible to explain it to someone who's never experienced it. "_

  • I think he's talking out of his ass or just straight up trolling…lol

  • LOL! Sounds more like you've been smoking heroin…

  • Lmao.

  • people just dont realize how much weed helps depression. i think this is because they dont understand depression to begin with. they dont know what its like to be sad and have no reason, when everything is going good.
    then you just take a medicine and it all gets better.

  • Nice fake comment, dude. Are you addicted to your aluminum oxide filled antipsychotics or painkillers, too?

  • lol

  • Are you addicted to the ritual of smoking OR are you addicted to the buzz it gives you OR are you addicted to the cannabis itself?
    Anything can become addictive if it is abused.

  • fuck marijuana after smoking it for 15 years i cannot have one day without weed…this shit is soo addictive its insane…i havent slept for 2 days since i stoped smoking…its horrible i hope noone goes thru this

  • Jack Herer is my favorite strain ^_^

  • You arent alone bro. Like Jack Herer said, "This plant can save the world."

  • haha

  • I didn't make it 😛

  • as someone who cannot tolerate thc anymore (causes discomfort and anxiety/paranoia) im very interested in cbd, cbg and related compounds as I belive they will help me a lot in daily life.

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  • You are way over-medicated. These people are simply doing the research necessary to have a better understanding of a growing medicine in America, Don't get all mystical and teary-eyed about it.

  • Practically saying that "cbg" can give you a good ass high 😀

  • This is 0:01 second too short!