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So I had someone ask me what if felt like to smoke weed for the first time the other day.. This is something i’ve had to think over for a bit, and had to film several times before I said what I felt I wanted.. This is a very subjective topic, because everyone experiences cannabis differently!


  • I start laughing really hard and I lose a bit of balance and can't see straight

  • whats some good strains recommended for beginners? was thinking about sativa strains.. looks to be the antidepressant of weed. jack herer strain looks interesting

  • It feels like a dream, best way I could describe it.

  • Every time I smoke I feel like I'm in a dream like I'm not in real reality everything feels fake lol idk then I start to freak the fuck out, I wish I could smoke and feel like everyone else does

  • Every time I close my eyes I get a triply feeling and if I concentrate on a body part like my hand or foot or something I can make it tingle. And I'll be thinking of something really hard then I forget what I was thinking

  • I just smoked for the first time today and after i was done, i was extremely goofy, i felt my heartbeat and my blood flow through my body, everything was in slow motion, and my head felt like it was on a cloud

  • Music sounds 50% better and food tastes 50% better

  • i feel that when i get high i feel like i just got off a merry go round and im dizzy but a good dizzy if u get me n struggle to keep my eyes open n everyone has trails like time has slowed down trippy stuff almost like when u look into a mirror in front of u but theres a mirror behind u as well very difficult to explain but still the best feeling of my life

  • I might try it tbh
    Looks really cool

  • I've got ADHD. I was normal feeling except I was hungry and my mind wasn't going over drive with thought like it normally does. I didn't get paranoid or feeling this guy did. I watch 3 others guys get like that high feeling. 2 of them like zoned out heaps.

  • I experience a tingles ??

  • never gotten high, but I'm only a sophomore in highschool, it will come

  • Yesterday i felt like a was pushed by an unseen force, never had that before LOL

  • Raaa u've lost a lot of wait

  • I won't claim to be a hardcore stoner but I will try to explain the couple times I've been high. Getting high to me is something that calms you and make you feel very relaxed (obviously). The feeling of being high is like every muscle in your body is fully relaxed. When you sit you can feel your muscles sinking in a way. You feel like your going into a sleep but are fully awake. Other times (other strains) I'll feel more like everything around me is more noticeable. I'll notice things that I don't normally notice. Such as hearing the cars drive down the road and really focusing on that and it will sound like a beautiful piece of music. Hope I could help with this explanation.

  • It really isn't hard to describe being drunk. You feel mild euphoria (the feeling that you are very happy), your coordination is badly affected, you slur your words.

  • I thought I was goner die

  • im going to be honest, I've never watched your older videos, this is the first one. I started watching just a few months ago. This is the best video from you that I have seen. Just the way the transitions felt was so real and smooth like how you just grabbed the troch and sparked it without having to stop and say that you are going to take a day and what kind of wax it is etc etc. If you have to do that you should say it after you finish whatever you are talking about.

  • every one hates being around me when I'm high cause I start saying all my thoughts out loud and I'll hug someone and be like why did I just hug you and be cracking up then 30 seconds later I'll be like did I hug you. I'll get up without knowing and just eat and I can barley stay walking in 1 direction. then ill be done eating and be like did I just eat. I'm crazy AF when I'm high

  • When I took my first dab, I was with my Cousin and his friend at his house. I never had taken a dab before. They heated the nail up and I took my first dab. I didn't feel much of anything. Then they told me to take another shot at it lol. I did… and man… was I out of this world lol. everything was moment to moment… Colors we're like sort of Cartoonish… I couldn't keep track of a conversation… Music was like coming at me… and I was locked into my seat. that was the most intense High I've ever been through… and I would have no problem enjoying it again lol.