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What Are Terpenes? Take a closer look at what Terpenes are and how they react within the cannabis plant.


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  • But are these Terpenes safe for human consumption? By now I'm sure there are hundreds of companies manufacturing these things for growers (or whoever) to put in my bud. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I smoke herb because its natural and doesn't have harmful (or as harmful) chemicals that other drugs have. Its bad enough that most growers use pesticides and chemicals in the soil when they grow. From what I read certain Terpenes and Terpinoids can be harmful and very toxic. Or are these companies extracting these from cannabis only? I mean, I'm pretty sure this stuff isn't regulated in anyway. 
    please excuse my confusion. I'm a mechanic, not a biologist. or botanist. or whatever. 

  • so are terpenes cannabinoids or are they completely different

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  • Marijuana is not a drug and it's not a variety of cannabis plants. It's only a slang term with a rather dubious history. There are more than sixty cannabinoids found in cannabis resins that are indeed drugs but only one, dronabinol aka THC, has been a controlled/scheduled drug. The FDA authorized both synthetic and organic THC for medical use and the DEA removed it from the most restrictive Schedule I more than two years ago. Arguably the federal prohibition against cannabis ended then.

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