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This is a question I get asked almost more than any other, so I thought i’d give my own opinion on the age of cannabis consumption. There isn’t much factual information out on this topic, so this is the best you get! 😛

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  • Im 15 and I only smoke

  • i did abuse it, but now i use it the good way

  • This guy seems to be the Poppy of Weedtubers. But I think having a job you love is as important as having a job for money.

  • Right on Josh. great video.

  • you have a great point. there are some people out there that smoke weed everyday and do nothing.

  • 'solutely love the intro, big up

  • weed has changed my life so much made me into a way better human being and made me get off my lazy ass! thank god for this plant! also helps a lot with my adhd and depression!

  • I started smoking my senior year of high school, although I really wish I had started my junior year so that it would help me sort of de – stress, I honestly believe that good weed is the best substance to use if you want to relax.

  • here's the thing. Before I started consuming weed, my grades were bad my mental heath and happiness were low. My ADD and Dyslexia were really affecting me. My relationship with my parents was good but it could have been better… Once I used Cannabis daily (only ever once or twice a day, maybe three times) I noticed my grades increase, I felt more alive alert, and for the first time I could actually focus on something! My parents found my stash and told me over and over again not to smoke… so I did, i stopped for a whole year and it was right back into bad grades and depression. I smoke weed to better my life as a student, friend and patron to society. Burning a bridge with my parents hurt, we don't have the same relationship as before… iv'e tried talking to them about it but they don't listen. Look, if you know Cannibis works for you as a MEDICINE use it, but don't abuse it. I have no idea though now if I really am abusing it…. what do you think?

  • I love this.

  • man you`re such an amazing an inspiring person :)

  • well said my friend !

  • hmm maybe pot isn't good for me right now, I might not be productive enough to smoke responsibly

  • I first consumed cannabis at 5th grade. Till this day people keep doubting me that ill never progress if i keep using this "drug". Oh! Before I forget, i was accepted to this Medical highschool and play Varsity Football. students don't believe me i was accepted to thatachool for the fact that people always looked at me as the "druggie that will make it to nowhere", And every day i try to learn more from this unharmful plant and prove people wrong that it is not dangerous in any sort of way it is whether you are responsible of what you are doing.

  • I said I would wait until after high school. glad I did. but I always wonder if I would have started earlier (or not at all)

  • i'm 16 and i smoke 2-3 times a week

  • I smoked yesterday for the first time I'm 13

  • I smoked yesterday for the first time I'm 13

  • Gotta love the intro.

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