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Western Wellness Center – Premium Dispensary Tour


  • Marijuana smoking rihanna

  • This dispensary is shit.  I live to close to the apothecarium to go anywhere else.

  • I would shop just to see her lol 

  • lol yall gay af bashing the girl and shit

  • wow respect due STAR great job & very very PRETTY 

  • There's Rhiana's lil sister!!!

  • Rihana selling pot?

  • man why the fuck is every one triping about the girl and being all racist it hink shes pretty bomb. 

  • Dang star is hot…

  • Looks shitty

  • looks ghetto

  • "My name is Star" hahaha did your pimp give you that street name?

  • She was a stripper before she became a shitty bud tender.. Can any1 say RATCHET!!

  • If you live around and want some good Jack Frost (or some of the best OG'saround) I suggest NNCC, I live closer to this shop but I still refuse to visit the ones in the ghetto, they just don't cut it for me.

  • Dailey deals… Every day. Never would have guessed…

  • she is great looking just like the medicine being distributed two thumbs up cant wait for these services to reach ohio just a matter of time

  • This hoe aint know nothing

  • Looks like shit weed
    I would fuck her

  • this bitch isnt rihanna

  • She is really hot