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West Coast Cannabis Expo

West Coast Cannabis Expo



All Natural 215


  • Cannabis doesn't cure cancer you fucking moron.

  • Cana is doesn't cure cancer you fucking moron.

  • What burn outs lol I love weed but seriously these people look stupid as fuck

  • Nice cohost u scumbag

  • 4:20 Did that plant just talk?

  • lol that bitch was flippin the fuck out

  • west coast represent sarah jane very hot smokin hot I love blondes smoking pot yea yea??

  • i know. fuck.

  • @ 9mins 11 sec. Sayin ohhhhh I cnt see it hahaa

  • Where can I buy a female like that

  • we all know the real reason they're wearing glasses…. boobies.

  • damn she so fuckin hot

  • sarah jane is fucking smoking

  • MY NIGGA GILL just close your eyes!!!!

  • ahahahahaha this guy looks so high

  • Does anyone know the name of the song from 4:10 – 4:57 ???

  • damn this video got a hell of a lot better when the bitch came in

  • only 61 Of the 12,000 people watching this found me annoying…LOL..AWSOME! At least THey Know who I AM and HENRY HEMP IS A SUPER HERO HERE TO HELP SHARE THE TRUTH OF HEMP AND LOVE! see more at Henry Hemp TV

  • hahahah pleasure to bjeadfdajfekafnjkeanfjk

  • @iNugggz no, but you can get cancer