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Weedventures – Seattle Hempfest 2012 Part 2 – News Oct 10, 2012 – In part two of this series, join Gil from WeedMaps as he ventures north to the largest weed gathering in the world, The Seattle Hempfest! He will hook up with old friends, and make new ones alike, on his journey to discover all the best cannabis culture has to offer. So go ahead and fire up that bowl and join us on a Weedventure!

Seattle Hempfest started in 1991 and is held every third weekend in August. This massive free event includes weed celebration and activism on a higher level. Please donate to Hempfest and vote “yes” for the legalization of marijuana.

Weedventures – Seattle Hempfest Part 1

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Ed King


  • Круто

  • commercial bits make me laugh as if cosmetic or health food commercial. I wish We had weed culture out here.

  • I just can't believe that we're about a year in legalization & you still can't purchase legal weed in Downtown Seattle or Capitol Hill! Late at night it's dangerous fuck'in around on 3rd & Pike & Volunteer Park! #livinglegal

  • 10 minutes video out of which 9 minutes and 59 seconds are commercials… fuck you, this weed is growing wild here and we smoke it from wooden pipes that we carve at the spot… i bet that we have way better high than any of you that know what the strain is and whats the name of the "high tech" pipe is… stop making a big deal from it because it is what it is, its just a weed and it will become legal if it is what weed really is…

  • 2:00 lol at your screwdriver dude.

  • I don't even care for the weed I just want the shirts tbh

  • If everybody did their homework like jorge Cervantes we would all be calling it medical cannabis instead of medical marijuana

  • If everybody did their homework like jorge Cervantes we would all be calling it medical cannabis instead of medical marijuana

  • I want to go

  • Huis necklace is from a famous coffee shop in Holland

  • His necklace is from a fameus c

  • Apparently this Hempfest finally worked

  • GIL

  • ccccccc what song is that at 2:10 ccccccccccccc

  • idiot

  • GREAT STUFF!(Ezz!)

  • i find it fascinating that you can make different products from hemp that are great to consume but you can't beat an old fashioned joint peace

  • fuck off lahey