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Weedventures – Seattle Hempfest 2012 Part 1 – News Sep 25 2012 – In part one of this series, join Gil from WeedMaps as he ventures north to the largest weed gathering in the world, The Seattle Hempfest! He will hook up with old friends, and make new ones alike, on his journey to discover all the best cannabis culture has to offer. So go ahead and fire up that bowl and join us on a Weedventure!

Seattle Hempfest started in 1991 and is held every third weekend in August. This massive free event includes weed celebration and activism on a higher level. Please donate to Hempfest and vote “yes” for the legalization of marijuana.

Weedventures – Seattle Hempfest Part 2

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Cliff Maynard Roach Paper Art

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  • if you don't like a disp. service,
    then don't Bang the the Tip Jar.

  • bong>jointblunt=never

  • Cliff, your roach paper art is truly inspiring. I love the John Lennon portrait.

  • i wanted to see a kurt cobain roach art portrait

  • 5:50 around that, he asked dude to tell a joke. he was a comedian.
    and he went to talk for a min to get into telling a joke, but is it just me, or did that "joke" just not land. what he said wasnt funny but dude was all laughing about it. 

  • lol

  • wait you dont believe me?

  • man just shut the fuck up

  • weed is not as harmless as people say it is like this kid was a pothead and had a mental attack and had delusions and had to be put in the mental health unit for 10 days and the doctors say that if he ever smoked again he would end up in there again

  • The gov can tax it just like tobacco

  • Weed is not legal because the government don't know how to tax it.

  • If you say that it's just weed the names don't matter , Than I'm guessing u smoke shitty weed , trust me there's a difference and some get u really high others just relax u but yeah there's a big difference

  • why the f*ck don't we have more hemp fests around the world……. We gotta stop being lazy..

  • 7:30 if you want to see a very intelligent debate haha. I don't really care about that though, I just care if it's legalized! Peace and pot! 🙂

  • Gotcha though!

  • Oh, I didn't even notice you were from Washington haha, sorry

  • Hey great video Np. It was my first HF and it was amazing! We have come a long way since the 70's and 80's haven't we?

  • lmao ok they want 15 a gram for what ypu can get else where for cheap have you been ther personaly

  • Yeah faggot

  • @ megan not at all i live in seattle its just that shop he is showing are weed snobs they charge 15 a gram for stuff that should be 25 for 1/8 im a local vendor they lowball us and over charge