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Weedventures – LA Secret Cup 2013 Part 1 – News Apr 1st, 2013 – Please like and comment this video if you enjoy the view and support Cannabis culture worldwide!

The next secret cup has emerged in none other than the City of Angels, where another batch of the nation’s top extract artists pitted their creations against their fellow makers to see whose concentrate tops them all. In the first part of this two part episode, Gil takes us to the judging house, where over the course of two days, 34 judges/entrants will sit down together to test and score one another’s concentrates.


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  • look at all the HIGH TEMPS!!!!! jeez oh weez 

  • What strain is that dark purple weed at 0:29 ?

  • This is an amazing video, thank you for creating this Gil, and the rest of the Weedmaps crew!

  • You must get your coke for cheap, my friend. In So Cal we don't spend over 30/35 for that dank.

  • Fortunately nearly every study and recent voting trends show that the youth generation does not give a single fuck about who's gay. They also love weed. So things are looking good man.

  • if this is how future generations are going to be then i hope a plague hits soon

  • With a drug that has been proven to have NO physical addiction properties to it, one cannot "fiend" for it.

    Are you anti-marijauana? Are you trying to slow down the movement? 40% of The United States of American have passed Medical Marijuana, times are changing. Move forward or step aside.

  • kids like him probably drink more than they consume herb. Losers is what they're called.

  • Wouldn't know, have no interest in coke, will never do any lethal drugs, and am free to consume as much of this not lethal herb as I please.

    Go preach at a bar or something, where people get drunk as fuck, make horrible choices, harm other people, and can even die from overdose.

    Move out of the way, carry on. Thanks.

  • damn, butthurt much?

  • i'm pretty sure half of that gram dab was wasted, u can only get so high at one time….

  • Yes. It is. I've only ever mustered up n done a .7 and that's probably the biggest. It's just cuz it's cool that you can clear all that smoke.

  • ignorant, you must still be in the closet if you gotta use homosexuals as a joke. your parents must be proud the raised such a pathetic human. kids like you give potheads a bad name

  • im sure those people are doing it to be cool lol

  • e-merge maybe if u hold the toke in for 5-10 seconds so the thc can absorb into your system u could take a normal toke.

  • E-merge drops .75 grams in the bottom of the dome.
    Be more careful, just cause you got it don't mean you gotta waste it.

    Stay cool, stay high

  • Sooo many grassroots lol

  • That house is dirty

  • hes getting paid to dab….