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Weedventures – Extract Artists Unite Secret Cup 2012 Part 1 – News Jan 08, 2012 – Gil visits Denver, Colorado to attend the first ever gathering of the nation’s greatest extract makers known as the Extract Artists Unite Secret Cup–an extract competition that pits 30 extract makers’ most prized creations against each other for the title of World Champion. In the first part of this two part episode, Gil goes deeper into the history and effects behind the newly appointed Amendment 64, and visits one of Colorado’s most prestigious glass shops as he makes his way to the pre-party of the EAU Secret Cup–the Extract Artists Unite Show.


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  • room 421 awwwww so close but denied……..

  • Did everyone forget about Washington State?

  • Guess I better google the term "dabbing"…a little dab will do ya?


  • 12:18 – 12:44

    Wow, the amount of ego in the room at that point of the video is ridiculous. 

  • Did a fucking parrot just roll a j?

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  • Great vid Gil thanks

  • Why are they crowned 'world champion'? US champion more likely.

  • 10:14 "No Smoking" and then bowls everywhere

  • lol is this the guy from newegg?

  • the musical beat at 6:32 is sick. Anybody knows who's beat that is?

  • your parents weed competition lol.

  • That glass gallery is just so awesome…

  • i never seen gil cough!!!

  • lol gill you just stumble around stoned

  • i love pot

  • nice!!! i felt tuns of love frum u guys lol wen u were in the hotel room!!!! that was awsome!