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Weedventures – Denver 4/20 High Times Part 2 – News May 19, 2013‬
Thumbs up for legal weed in Colorado! In Part Two of this special 4/20 episode Gil visits one of the sickest glass studios in the world, Shackman Glass, and learns more about Nate Miers space style. We then catch up with The Clinic crew at the sold out WeedMaps after party featuring Redman and Method Man. Day two of the first “official” US High Times Cannabis Cup was also off the chain. Gil had a chance to sample even more of the winning concentrates before the awards ceremony Sunday evening. Our good friends at Denver Relief and The Clinic both took home awards. Over all it was an amazing weekend. Next stop is the 710 cup in July. 710 is OIL backwards (duh) so you can definitely expect to see lots of dab smoke at that event. Can’t wait to see you there!

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2013 Denver High Times Cannabis Cup winners:

1 — Platinum Girl Scout Cookies by Private Stock LA
2 — Chem Tange by La Conte’s Clone Bar & Dispensary
3 — Kosher Kush by DNA Genetics

1 — Tangie Shatter by Reserva Privada
2 — Lemon Amnesia Shatter by Archive Seed Bank / TerpX
3 — Lemon OG Solventless Hash by Buds & Roses L.A. / BAMF Extractions

1 — Flo-G solventless Wax by Essential Extracts
2 — D-Star Solventless Wax by Botica del Sol
3 — Presidential Ice Wax by The Green Solution

1 — Gucci-Earwax by Mahatma Extreme Concentrates/Karmaceuticals
2 — Lemon G-13 Shatter by Gaia Plant Based Medicine and T.C. Labs
3 — Pre ’03 Kobe by Stay Concentrated

1 — Reserva Privada OG-18 by Denver Relief
2 — Cinderella ’99 x The White by Natural Remedies
3 — Ghost OG Kush by The Clinic – Colorado

1 — Skywalker 600 by The Greenest Green
2 — Larry OG by MMJ America
3 — Banana Kush by Mile High Green Cross

1 — Tangie by The Clinic / Colorado
2 – Durban Poison by Choice Organics
3 – Stardawh Guava by The Clinic / Colfax

1 — Bhang “Ice” Peppermint Chocolate Bar by The Healing Leaf LLC
2 — Peanut Butter Buddha by Incredibles
3 — Walnut Joy by Good Chemistry

FOR CONCENTRATES: R4 Stable CBD Oil by Greenwerkz / Denver
FOR FLOWERS: R4 (sativa strain) by Greenwerkz / Denver
FOR EDIBLES: Active CBD Oil by Natural Mystic Cannabis Caregiver, LLC

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For information about future High Times Medical Cannabis Cup locations:


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  • actually theres 10.6 grams in 3/8th btw dan

  • What are the dangers of smoking weed? I believe the plant has medicinal properties but is smoking it safe? I love to smoke but currently off the stuff. I would love to go to Colorado next year and chill out there. or perhaps wait until I get my BA degree in history and perhaps find work as a teacher.

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  • Nice show!

  • I LOVE WEED MAPS. I was at the cup. on Friday night I saw GIL in the back of the venue were I said what's up to him then promptly after greeting Gil he passed me his cloud pen. the most epic vacation ever.. Weed Maps you the shit

  • damn that sucks. making a trip to Colorado and this was number one on my list to get.