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So today I decided to get the community a bit more active by calling out all the weedtubers!!!

Weedtubers – If you post any kind of cannabis content on Youtube make sure to shout your channel out in the comments below! This is your chance to promote your own channel shamelessly ­čśë Post a link to “your favorite” video if you’d like! We are a part of a community that is growing by that day so it’s always hard to get caught up with smaller channels that are producing awesome content!

Viewers – Make sure to check out all the awesome channels that are in this community, everyone has something interesting to offer! ­čÖé


  • Hey Josh, This video rocks! Im a new WeedTuber and figured id add my name to the roster! lol we started a few weeks ago and its been such a blast! ive personally been around the community for years. thanks for this vid and all the hard work you put in! cheers!´╗┐

  • Hey it's Tripp from the Ganja Gang and first off I want to thanks you josh for coming up with this idea and having a place for us weedtuners to promote ourselves and try to push our content!! ???

    So, the Ganja Gang is a group of cannabis loving people bringing you guys videos like trippy edits, strain reviews, topic talks, and much more! I personally wanted to do this YouTube channel because I love the weedtuber community and how everyone is so friendly and active. Anyways if you do end up checking the channel out I hope you like the content! And as always I'm Tripp from the Ganja Gang, I'll catch you in the next one.´╗┐

  • Wow this is really old´╗┐

  • i would totally watch a gaming channel if you did one.´╗┐

  • Hey guys, i'm a weedtube channel that started around two weeks ago, i do tutorials, smoke seshes, and smoking tips. I would really appreciate if you guys subbed!´╗┐

  • I want to be a weedtuber but i'm not sure that it would be a good idea because only my friends know i smoke and i don't want anyone else like my family or teachers ect. to find out what should i do?´╗┐

  • this was a great idea! so many new weedtubers out there its good to know the community is growing, hopefully into something big! Excited to be able to join the community and check in with everyone. Shoutout to you Strain Central for the weedtuber check in! happy tokin´╗┐

  • Everyone Chk Out My Channel. Like Comment Subscribe Ty Cheers´╗┐

  • Dope idea dude! I'm a new channel and I mainly talk about video games, but I'm definitely going to make some Cannabis videos!´╗┐

  • cheerz man stay high, i do video but their kinda crappy lol´╗┐

  • HBDABFELLAS here, from on fellow dabtubber to another we would like to invite u to watch our channel and watch and episode of virgin lung HBDABGIRL edition. We are new to the community!! Don't forget to subscribe comment and give us the thumbs up!! Cheers..from HBDABFELLAS!! ´╗┐

  • Hey everyone! Come check out my channel, all I have right now are smoking vids, but I'll be posting videos of me playing guitar, pranking people, skateboarding, and whatever else comes to mind! ´╗┐

  • Tuning in from Cali, just started a channel not to long ago so I can comment now…awesome vid super chill nd lovin the shirt bruh cheers!!
    Check out pure_concentrates on Ig nd YouTube´╗┐

  • check my weed videos┬á´╗┐

  • late comment #weedtuber
    Thanks for the support SC

  • Dude actually you should do live streaming on twitch that would be really cool ´╗┐

  • Make them game videos man´╗┐

  • Hey Weedtubers this badxdab720.┬áShout out from colorful Colorado. I just wanted to say I┬áwatch your vids all the time bro great times. Also a lot ┬áof weedtubers recently ┬áhave inspired me to make vids though I don't upload daily but ill┬átry and get more vids out┬áso go check out my vids. Cheers world. ┬á´╗┐

  • If you could only smoke one strain of flower and one strain of concentrate for the rest of your life, what strains would you pick? Would they be the same strain?´╗┐