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WEEDTUBE WAKE & BAKE! – (Episode 9)


Didn’t have a whole ton to cover in today’s episode, but I definitely wanted to congratulate Alaska & Washington D.C. for recreational legalization!! I also ramble about a couple other topics, and cover the “Stupid BHO explosion of the week”


  • Portland Maine 

  • You make the best weed videos

  • I always look forward to a good wake and bake with ya josh! keep up the awesome vids! hope you get to 10,000 soon! cha cha cha cha cheers!

  • Does medical insurance cover all the bud and oils you are getting ? 

  • watching from hawaii &
    great video brotha!
    smoking on some white widow atm, cheers!

  • How old are you are you in college?(JW) And what would you recommend is the best way to clean a rig?

  • WHEW  just got my first job, passed the drug test, now to smoke a FAAAT bowl with Josh

  • Hey duuuude, decided to smoke for the first time this Friday, wish me lucky<3

  • Smoke that shit 🙂 

  • I really hope you have seen weed snobs made by weedmapstv
    So funny. 

  • Mann.. I cant believe that stupid people are still making this mistake and blowing themselves up! Its ridiculous and giving a bad name to this community. Just makes me sad..
    Cheers Josh

  • I like the thumbnail changes, smoking on some Green Crack to kick off my monday, cheers!

  • Oregon and washington are the same

  • This girl in the town next to me exploded her house, definitely to that one. In Tewksbury Massachusetts.

  • Hey josh! I was wondering if you could talk about the legalization of cannabis in new york? And see if they are nealing towards legalizing it or not? Thanks!

  • What is blasting pho?

  • That intro with the voice changing effect literally made me freak the fuck out for like 5 minutes. 

  • Topic: how to properly store your bud