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WEEDTUBE WAKE & BAKE! – (Episode 73)


From pepsi factories turned to pot farms, to amazon accidentally shipping weed, it’s another wonderful week of weed news! πŸ˜›

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  • I have that same tag piece, I love it for a daily driver

  • You should starting baking edibles on your channel

  • awesome video josh, man thats crazy about the amazon story lol wish i had that kind of luck lol

  • cannabis will be legal in all provinces of canada in july 2018 i believe. Pretty sure its up to the provinces to decide how it wants to be distributed tho. theres plans on opening up 120 dispensaries in ontario alone. but they will all be run by the government just like our lobo (Liquor Control Board of Ontario) basically well get Cannabis Control Board of Ontario in july

  • Nice ginantic snake

  • Nice ginantic snake, Josh. :/

  • something

  • Like the video for Randy's!!!!

  • Happy ginger wrecks himself with his own ginantic snake

  • Ginantic dabss broo!!!

  • Fuck calling the cops. They could have had a real life No Country for Old Men moment LOL.

  • Nice ginatic snake Josh XD

  • Nice Ginatic Snake Dabb Chairs Chairs

  • who calls the police when you could have 65 lbs of fire weed for free


  • New subscriber, long time smoker… has anyone ever told you, you look like the guy from the ESPN fantasy football show… is that you?

  • That’s one nice ginantic snake you got there Joshua

  • Hell yah Much love Josh nice wake and bake Keep dem vids comin shoutin out from Colorado.

  • Pepsi gangggg

  • You talk hella fast