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WEEDTUBE WAKE & BAKE! – (Episode 72)


From potential New Zealand cannabis reform, to drug mules carrying absurd amounts of cannabis, it’s another interesting week full of weed news! ๐Ÿ˜›

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  • Josh, UK, Germany and France are FAR behind the US when its about legalisation…

  • It hurts to think its gonna take at least 10 years to legalize marijuana fully in the US. Wisconsin better get on this soon.

  • What are them colour changing lights in the background called??????

  • That pronunciation of Jacobsโ€™s Arden name was questionable.

  • Butchered the pronunciation of our new PM there Josh, but who cares what her name is as long as our glorious medicine gets legalised

  • I love this weed news while getting high videos

  • Vapin along with a weed infused vape

  • i know may you never see this… but the first time i watch this excelente musician.. my first thought was straincentral guy? … ok.. i hope you enjoy the similitude!

  • Damn that cop story man, it sucks

  • I got baked watched this forgot I watched it got baked again and watched it again.

  • that rig is absolutely beautiful. peace joshโœŒ๐Ÿผ

  • killer glass piece

  • What is the thing sticking out of the joint

  • i was wondering what that was sticking out of the j lmao

  • I said I had back pain and he fed me all the answers lol

  • Off subject but i really like your reviews
    You should do a review on the strain
    3 kings

  • โ€œNew Eelienโ€ lol

  • Bro I was harassed walking out of the dispensary on Imperial Avenue growing up in San Diego yeah that hits home fuck the San Diego Police Department with your weed policies it's legal dumbshit's

  • Utah needs 110,000 21+ of age signatures for medical marijuana by january of 2018 spread the love sign the petition and please please please share the hell out of this we need it!!

  • that's crazy weak, love you josh, u like battle rap?