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WEEDTUBE WAKE & BAKE! – (Episode 71)


From Atlanta decriminalizing small amounts of cannabis, to buses full of weed.. it’s another interesting week full of weed news! πŸ˜›

Atlanta Decriminalizes Weed – (

California Bans THC Gummy Bears – (

Legalized Weed Boosts Property Value – (

Tour Bus Full of Weed – (

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  • Just take a lil box put a 14mm hole nice lil holder for packing your bowl no mess on your surface and rainy day supply of weed from weed falling through over time

  • Well, looks like Im moving back to Atlanta.

  • Omg you watching fuller house too!!!!!😁😁😁😁

  • the beard has been looking a lot better homie. the work you been putting in on it shows.

  • You use words like "technically", "specifically", and "literally" as filler words. I guess it's better than saying "um", "uhh", and "like" all the time but it's always seemed kind of odd. Sorry, that's just something that's always stuck out to me. I've watched your videos for a long time and always enjoyed them. Love the content, please keep making more for a long time.

  • My drummer just showed me this channel and if I wasn't high I'd be mad he didn't show it to me sooner

  • decriminalization of weed is so beautiful

  • I am the same way Josh, I don't see a purpose to packing a bowl so much that it takes more than 1 hit to burn it all. You know each hit is fresh. Besides, people love watching others clear a bowl in one breath πŸ™‚

    Pot leaf shaped gummies and a weed safe πŸ™‚
    Legal MJ = better economy πŸ™‚

  • Before the Illinois decriminalization, I was arrested for less than a gram.

  • Wisconsin is going to be having legal weed

  • Is it me or I feel likes with me when I smoke and watch his videos?

  • This mf's eyes doe :''''''''''''')))))

  • i just watched the dumbest video about "pot-corn" from the munchies channel. If you need a good face palm feel free to go check it out yourself, but be warned you might just lose all sanity…

  • I feel like snappers are great but idk about the flavor part. If you pack a big bowl you hit nothing but weed. With snappers your getting the weed and cash hit all in one.

  • 00:58 Josh loves that sour D taste hehe

  • Take a drink or a hit every time Josh says "literally" or "actually"

  • Coming from Colorado, the property worth going up isn't really all that good cause trying to find an inexpensive apartment is fucking crazy and rent is so high.

  • Potajuana

  • AYE man CHEERS FROM ALASKA! Here in Fairbanks after shops and all being legal for more then a year now , In the city of Fairbanks they tried to pass prop a, Prob b and 1 all trying to remove and illegalize all weed the city just, Last night That shit got Denied by like 8K Votes HAHA I'm so damn happy Stay Stoneed everyone! πŸ˜†πŸ’¨

  • Josh with the weedtube wake and bakeπŸ”₯