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WEEDTUBE WAKE & BAKE! – (Episode 70)


From cars full of weed, to Netflix catered weed strains, we’re back again with another exciting week of cannabis news!! 😛

Shoutout to TheHighRiseCo! – (

Netflix Show Catered Strains – (

SUNY Oswego Student Caught with 41lbs of Weed – (

Cannabis Users Walk Different – (

CA Growers Try to Bribe Sheriff – (

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  • Yo is this the one where you smoked the fly?

  • Anymore Canadian Stories?!

  • Is this the one with the fly?? I swear I can see it

  • Is this where you smoked with a fly in your bong? Gross lol

  • Prolly just got a upm

  • Strain centralllll

  • My name is Josh, but it isn't because it Sam. 😐

  • l u n g b u s t a !

  • Dude the fly was totally in there the whole time

  • How do you feel about a local town in Rhode Island (near me) passed a law that you can only have 4 plants (2 mature 2 seedlings) and you need to register them through the state AND town can inspect it anytime they want (ask Sasha maybe she heard about it or should look into it)

  • Do you get to keep that tall ass bong? It'd be fun to see that in videos every now and then

  • You can SEE the fly

  • I love the days when I get to wake & bake, make my coffee & breakfast, and get on youtube to watch your newest Wake & Bake. Today is luckily one of those days :') Cheers from Alabama! (unfortunately lmao)

  • Josh seriously needs to stop saying weekly sessions 😂😂 it's more like every other 2-3 weeks

  • 3:45 well I was gonna try.

  • Damnit, Josh. Mystery Science Theater 3000 needs some love. 😀

  • jo

    But…. That's how I walk anyway when I'm sober 😄

  • Weed in Aus? How did the cops not riot?

  • To the walking different on weed story:
    When I'm high, I like to walk with loose knees (when I'm home) and walk around slackly like this because it feels funny, I guess there may be sth about people changing the way they walk while high

  • but my dream is to have a ton of weed stashed in a giant weed vault D: cant have 21pounds but i can have a ton right? D: