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WEEDTUBE WAKE & BAKE! – (Episode 7)


Filmed another Weedtube wake and bake this morning!! I talk about several different news stories related to cannabis! (it was quite a slow last several weeks)


  • i want to try sunset sherbert.

  • Whats your medical reason for smoking bud?

  • All that smoke 

  • 2 is my favorite letter!

  • Man I love your vids. Btw, letter 2 got me xD Seems the bud got you pretty hard there too lol. Happy smoking (:

  • I'm getting caught up!

  • I seriously love these! None of my friends smoke. So everytime before I light one up I turn on your videos. :)

  • Cheers from Tumwater

  • I just smoked that Tahoe OG and your beard is tripping me the fuck out

  • how much flower do you put in your normal bong hit? like .3?

  • ?? the letter 2

  • seahawks game was crazy!

  • in canada i pay 40$ an eight. O_O''

  • yo SC where do you think I find cannabis regularly?

  • Anyone notice how he said "My name will be josh" in the beginning lol

  • Ady

    Looking forward to seeing loads more vids this coming yeah.

  • 3:56 dude youre so high you said "the letter 2"

  • Hey man I love what you do it really shows a good influence on what this medicine can do to people!!!! I'm happy to say I'm a big fan of yours coming from Toronto,Canada hopefully Canada can legalize it too ! Keep doing what you're doing