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WEEDTUBE WAKE & BAKE! – (Episode 67)


Back again with another episode of Weedtube Wake & Bake full of cannabis news! From border patrol marijuana stats to a man not being able to get a kidney transplant simply because he uses cannabis.. It’s another interesting week of weed news!

Syndros – (

Man kicked off transplant list – (

Restaurants losing workers to weed – (

Border Patrol Weed Seizures – (

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  • Does Josh have any formal education?

  • He definitely said "the stoner list" or "this donor list"

  • is your dap Stick a Samurai Sword ?

  • That stuff about the food service is 100% true lmao

  • I hope i will be alive when they legalize weed, we need to fight for it. There is something interesting for my weed people, there is awsome giveaway for bongs. It's supported by Snoop Lion and Wiz Khalifa. You can find it if you google for "gwbng420". Shipping is also free. I hope this will help you.

  • mat

    the 5 C's of line cooks ?

  • I don't miss the dish pit either, it was my very first job. Yes, things will get better!

  • Love these! Hope you do them more often

  • The text on his shirt is trippy AF, or is it just me?

  • No mexican shwag up here lol.

  • I live in Maine and what they did too gary was fucked up bullshit. We are suppose to be one of the if not the most cannabis friendly places for medical value. But its just fucked up. Should see all the numbers of heroin and oxy addicts getting state money and popping out kids.

  • One hundred fourty four thousand four hundred sixty three thousand pounds? What? So which one is it?

  • I hate gov.

  • that shit about line cooks was way too accurate

  • the trucks are decoys for the bigger load ??

  • I have a lung buster, it's 30 inches

  • I am in Germany (weed isn t legal). Our police get about a couple kilos a month but germany smokes about 4 tons of weed per day. gg

  • Worked as a dish washer at two different restaurants here in downtown Chicago. Was an absolute nightmare lmaaaaooooo. everyone in the kitchen was either someone who drank or smoked frequently

  • Hey bud, What about Illinois and is trying to recreationalize mmj. AlsoI read somewhere that the federal govt is looking to deschedule mmj also. Look into it and see what you can find. I know that there are two bills in Illinois that will recreationalize mmj. If anyone reading this lives in Illinois, you need to contact your representatives.

  • only benefit of the synthetic is you will pass a drug test. I wouldn't trust the synthetic though