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WEEDTUBE WAKE & BAKE! – (Episode 66)


Back again with another episode of Weedtube Wake & Bake full of cannabis news! From American weed being tested, to weed being grown in lego land… it’s a good one! πŸ˜›

Opiate Death & Use DOWN in legal weed states
– (
– (
– (
– (

Trump Administration Weed – (

Houston Decriminalizes Weed Possession – (

Weed in Legoland – (

Weed Found Hidden as Limes – (

Weed Found Hidden in Firewood – (

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  • I always enjoy your positive messages at the end of your videos.

  • Josh should make a video of hime shaving his beard xD id like to watch

  • In case you hadn't heard, Indiana's legislature passed CBD oil for people with epilepsy in February.

  • Stoners are smart af when they talk about weed

  • Hey I'm New Here I smoke ? lmao And My friends face me. edibles I felt Different Is Weed Not a powerful or? And great Video Keep up the Good Work ? if u have done a Video on what I'm asking Please Give me a Link..

  • I don't know those limes look pretty legit to me…

  • sick t shirt josh lol
    keep doing what your doing πŸ™‚

  • hits joint*
    josh: "they dont listen to reason, they dont listen to ration…"
    me: wait, what?

  • Jeff Sessions can overturn all the progress we have made by himself. There's no law or bill saying not to enforce the federal laws, there's only a memo written by the Obama administration that was given to his AG and it told them to not use federal resources to enforce Cannabis laws. The new AG is in his power to not follow the instructions of that memo and to enforce federal laws.

    thumbs this up so Josh can see.

  • I just wonder about the border smugglings that are succesfull, which we don't get to hear about.

  • "potentially ok people " all of us in illegal states are great people who want to be left alone. I'm a football player who is academic college bound

  • I live in a illegal state and I hate feeling like a criminal

  • Positive vibes for all of y'all!

  • Do you think it was the same people that sent the watermelons? I do.

  • 1:03 triggered

  • love the shirt josh

  • fuckin greasy ? I love TPB so much.

  • Cannabis is regulated and legalized under the Colorado constitution. Under the federal constitution states rights are specifically defined, in this case the Colorado constitution will superseded federal laws, supported by the federal constitution. Go ahead Trump and Sessions try to crack down on recreational cannabis in Colorado, you will loose in federal court and set precedent for other court cases, other states will have a federal court case to site precedent to legally regulate cannabis on a state to state basis. The cannabis industry in Colorado is backed by the Colorado government and has plenty of money to hire lawyers, bring it on ass holes. We may not like Trump's SCOTUS nomination but at least Gorsuch is constitutionally conservative, go ahead Sessions try to crack down on recreational cannabis!

  • Josh could you give your thoughts on the new laws they are trying to push in the Netherlands to fully legalize weed here!
    I'll link you an article below

  • "What is responsible for the opiate epidemic in america right now?" Cannabis being illegal.. So why continue to spread propaganda? Pot heads don't get in line, prescription drug users, alcoholics, etc are far easier to control.