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WEEDTUBE WAKE & BAKE! – (Episode 62)


Back again with another episode of Weedtube Wake & Bake full of cannabis news! From Washington state cannabis sales to a man getting busted for weed in a weird way, it’s a great episode!!

Washington State Weed Sales – []

Jeff Sessions – []

Denver Bars Can’t Get Weed Consumption – []

Man Busted With Weed Presents – []

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  • What kind of lighter is that?

  • Intro 6/5

  • Peace Josh! :D

  • Here in Amsterdam we call being high and drunk at the same time Stronken

  • is the alcohol counts were states where .epically Marijuana are legal or everywhere because where I live Marijuana is not legal so everyone just drink I mean everyone.

  • Can't wait till we get to 69 huehhehehe

  • I'm too baked to even follow what you're saying

  • Lesson. Don't tailgate with drugs in the car

  • out of weed… can't smoke along… losing my FUCKKKIJNNNH NOG BG SHHHITTTTTTTT AAGAJHAHAHAH jk nice vid Josh

  • When weed is being attached by big pharma we NEED your voice to speak for us, you have power

  • josh I love your positive and successful stoner attitude ????Keep being amazing

  • You should keep in mind that cannabis usually is much more expensive than alcohol.. So even though that the sales of cannabis may pass those of alcohol, i believe that more alcohol is sold in comparison to weed… But nice episode 😀 Stay lifted dude

  • yooo look at the smoke spiral at like 6:22ish

  • I MUST have that pineapple debowler. Where did you get it??

  • "None of them really seem to work"? That's because you only hear about the shitty idea idea where they got caught.

  • There are only 10 kind of people, those who understand binary and those who don't ;)

  • Who cares what trump said months ago, attorney generals are basically the control center of police and laws so in a way we took a massive L.

  • man I dig your advice in the last few vids.
    I recently just lost a job about 3 weeks ago. luckily got a another one 5 days later so there's that.
    so shits a little rough rn. but I do have a roof and I do have some smoke and those are 2 wonderful things to start like you said.
    stay high everybody c:

  • See people got it fucked up the only thing present wrap helps with is skipping some things at customs

  • can anyone give me a link to a valid source for those numbers on sessions and the pharma industry? I'm actually going to use this point in a paper, but only if i can validate it